Parasikas were a tribe mentioned in the epic Mahabharata along with others like the Yavanas, the Chinas, the Kamvojas etc. It is not clear if they had any links with Parasu a weapon (battle-axe) used by warriors of ancient India like Parasurama.

References in Mahabharata

There is only one references of Parasikas in Mahabharata, where it is mentioned as a tribe in the north:-Among the tribes of the north are the Mlecchas, and the Kruras, the Yavanas, the Chinas, the Kamvojas, the Darunas, and many Mleccha tribes; the Sukritvahas, the Kulatthas, the Hunas, and the Parasikas; the Ramanas, and the Dasamalikas. These countries are, besides, the abodes of many Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Sudra tribes. Then again there are the Sudra-Abhiras, the Dardas, the Kasmiras, and the Pattis; the Khasiras; the Atreyas, the Bharadwajas etc(6:9)

  • A king named Parasarya is mentioned at two locations in Mahabharata at (2:4) and at (2:7). It is not clear if he belonged to the Parasikas.

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