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This site AncientVoice contains full hyper-text of Mahābhārata, Rāmāyana, Ṛk Vēda, Yajur Vēda, Sāma Vēda, Atharva Vēda, Viṣṇu Purāna in the form of Wikis

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  • Takshasila - For accessing the Wikis of Iliad, Odyssey and the Avestan texts Vendidad, Visperad, Yasna, Yasht and Siroza,
  • Naalanda - For accessing the Wikis for the 18 main Upanishads, Tirukkural and Silappatikaram
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Main content in this website. Fully wikified text of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas and Puranas:-

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This website is a wiki site like Wikipedia, but contains much more features than a Wikipedia. It contains the whole of Mahabharata wikified having more than 2000 wiki pages and more than 200,000 hyperlinks. It contains 7500 plus categorized pages dedicated to each noun in Mahabharata and bond-data (noun-to-noun affinity) of 30 plus most frequent nouns in Mahabharata. It contains videos, images, Digital Maps (Epic India), Google maps (Epic India) and animations related to Mahabharata. It also contains many articles and research material which is the result of 20 plus years of research into Mahabharata. There is a discussion forum to post comments. You can also post comments at the bottom of article-pages. Interested visitors can author articles in this site as guest authors.

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