2D Tag Cloud

2787 3942 3d 4d abduction abhasuras abhaya abhibhu abhighatas abhijit abhimana abhimanyu abhira abhiras abhiru abhisaras abhisars abhishahas abhishava abhisheka abikshit abnormal abstention abuddha abuse abyakta academic acala achala acharya acharyas achutasthala achyuta achyutasthala achyutayus actor actors acts acyuta acyutasthala acyutayudha adamvara adamvaras adbhuta adhakshaja adharma adharyu adharyus adhi adhibhuta adhidaiva adhidaivata adhidaivatam adhiraja adhirajas adhiratha adhirjayas adhishthana adhishthanas adhitratha adhivanga adhiyajna adhokshaja adhrishya adhvaryus adhwaryu adhwaryus adhwaryyu adhwaryyus adhyaryu adhyaryus adhyatma adhyatman adhyudha adi adideva aditi aditisuta aditya adityaketu adityas adivansavatara adivansavatarana adjectives adri adrika adrisyanti ads advanta adverbs advertisement adwaita affinity africa afterlife agallocha agama agamas agamemnon agastya agastyavata age ages aghamarshana agneya agneyas agni agnidhara agnidhras agnihotra agnihotras agnihotris agniman agnirasa agnis agnishomas agnishtoma agnishtomas agnishtuta agnishutta agnisiras agnisoma agnisringa agniswattas agnitirtha agnivesa agnivesya agnyadhana agra agraha agrahayana agrani agrayana agrayayin agriculture agsuman aha ahalya ahamkara ahankara ahas ahasta ahavaniya ahayanti ahhiyawa ahi ahicchatra ahichatra ahikshatras ahindaka ahivradhna ahivradnas ahovirya ahuka ahukas ahvriti aikshaki aila ailas ailavila aindhna aindra aindradrumna aindragneya aindragni air airavana airavat airavata airavatas aircraft airlift airplane aishika aisika aiswarya ait aja ajagara ajagava ajaikapada ajaikapat ajaikapats ajaka ajamida ajamidha ajamila ajaneyas ajas ajatasanu ajatasatru ajatasattru ajatsatru ajavindu ajeya ajita ajitasatru ajodara ajya akampana akarkara akasa akastha akhandala akhyana akhyanas akrishtas akritavrana akriti akrodhana akrosa akrura akrurakarma aksha akshamala akshara akshas akshasantarjana akshata akshauhini akshawhini akshaya akshina akshisantarjana akuli akupara alaka alakananda alambusha alexander alien aliens alignments all alphabetical amba america american-indians amva amvalika amvarisha amvika amvuvicha analysis ananta ancient ancient-india ancient-voice ancientvoice andhaka andra anga angaraparna angiras animal animals ankorwat anukramanis anupa anus anusasana aparananda application apsara arabia arjuna armor arrows art article articles artist aruna aruni arusha arushi arvbuda arya aryabhata aryaka aryan aryan-invasion ashwamedha asmaka asramavasa assam astras astronomers astronomical astronomy asura asuras aswamedhadatta aswapati atala atharva atharva-veda atharvaveda atlantis atman

3D Tag Cloud


Tag cloud gives a map of tagged pages in this web site. A tag is a keyword associated with a web-page. It represent the contents of the page. For example a page describing Mahabharata will be given the tag 'mahabharata'. There can be many tags associated with a single page. A page may be describing Mahabharata as well as some other topic, for example, about its author Vyasa and hence tagged with two keywords viz. 'mahabharata' and 'vyasa'. Tags can also help search engines to arrive at a page complementing search-engine's own automatic indexing, tagging and keyword analysis algorithms.

Shown above is the tag cloud of the AncientVoice web site rendered in 3D and 2D.

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