Lauhitya (Lohity, Lohitya etc as variations) was the eastern-most country (it is also the name of a river) known to the people of the epic-age (Treta Yuga or Dwapara Yuga). This kingdom existed on the banks of river Brahmaputra known by the name Lauhitya during the epic-age. Bhargava Rama is believed to have visited this place. The Pandava Bhima also visited this kingdom during his eastern military campaign to collect tribute for Yudhisthira's Rajasuya sacrifice. There is a place in Arunachal Pradesh by the name Lohit which is the remnant of the Lauhitya kingdom. A Naga king Lohita also ruled a territoy close to Kashmira. It is not known if the Nagas in Kashmir and the Kiratas in Arunachal Pradesh had any cultural link.

References in Mahabharata

Naga King Lohita of the North

A Naga named Lohita was mentioned at (2,9) along with other prominant Naga kings like Vasuki, Takshaka and Airavata.Naga King Lohita ruled a territory close to the Kasmira. Arjuna has visited this kingdom during his millitary campaign to the north, to collect tribute for Yudhisthira's Rajasuya sacrifice. :- Arjuna then defeated the brave Kshatriyas of Kashmira and also king Lohita along with ten minor chiefs. (2,26)

Lohitya, the eastern most territory

Bhima, during his millitary campaign to the east, to collect tribute for Yudhisthira's Rajasuya sacrifice, subjugated in battle Paundraka-Vasudeva, the king of Pundra and king Mahaujah who reigned in Kausika-kachchha, and then attacked the king of Vanga viz Samudrasena and king Chandrasena and Tamralipta, and also the king of the Karvatas and the ruler of the Suhmas, as also the kings that dwelt on the sea-shore, and all Mlechchha tribes. He then advanced towards Lohity. Bhima then caused all the Mlechchha kings dwelling in the marshy regions on the sea-coast, to pay tributes and various kinds of wealth. (2,29).At (2,51) is mentioned that, on the mountain from behind which the sun rises (Arunachal Pradesh) and in the region of Karusha on the sea-coast (the sea shore of Bangladesh) and on both sides of the Lohitya mountains (these mountains boarder the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh states of India) dwells numerous tribes of Kiratas.

Lohitya River

Lohitya river is identified as the Brahmaputra river, flowing through Arunachal Pradesh and AssamLohitya is mentioned as a river along with many other rivers like Ananga, Pushpaveni, Utpalavati, Karatoya, Vrishasabhya, Kumari and Rishikullya as the rivers of ancient India (Bharata Varsha) at (6,9). Lohitya is mentioned as a great river at (13,165). Here it is mentioned along with Sarayu and Gandaki and other big rivers. A holy place named Urvasi (named after the Apsara Urvasi) is said to be situated in river Lohitya (13,25). Bhargava Rama is mentioned to have Created a pilgrime-center at Lauhitya (3,85).

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