Khandava was a forest that lied to the south of Indraprastha the capital city of the kingdom of the Pandavas. The Pandava kingdom was the western half of the Kuru kingdom. This territory lied to the west of river Yamuna and to the east of river Saraswati. The city of Indraprastha lied to the western bank of Yamuna. This forest and the surrounding bush land was inhabited by the tribes of Nagas, Rakshasas and Asuras. It was under the rule of the Naga chief Takshaka. Krishna and Arjuna cleared this forest by setting fire in the forest, since it posed a threat to the city. The tribes of Nagas, Rakshasas and Asuras who inhabited the area were either killed in the encounter or were forced to move out to the west. Some of them settled in the Salwa kingdom in the west and some other eventually settled in Gandhara in the far west. Takshaka later dewelled in Takshasila and revenged Arjuna by slaying Arjuna's grandson Parikshit by poisoning him with snake venom.


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