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Mbh.4.1.4 Janamejaya said, How did my great-grandfathers, afflicted with the fear of Duryodhana, pass their days undiscovered in the city of Virata?
Mbh.4.9.376 Vaisampayana continued, Thus addressed by Virata's wife, O Janamejaya, Krishna Draupadi ever devoted to her lords, began to live in that city.
Mbh.4.13.467 SECTION XIII Samayapalana Parva Janamejaya said, While living thus disguised in the city of the Matsyas, what did those descendants of the Kuru race endued with great prowess, do, O regenerate one'
Mbh.4.14.529 And, O monarch, although herself deserving to be waited upon by others, the daughter of Yajnasena, O Janamejaya, passed her days in extreme misery, waiting upon Sudeshna.
Mbh.5.4.105 Let Vrihanta be summoned and king Senavindu, and Vahlika and Mudjakesa and the ruler of the Chedis, and Suparsva, Suvahu; and that great hero, Paurava; and also the kings of the Sakas, the Pahlavas, and the Daradas, and Surari, and Nadija, and king Karnavest, and Nila, and the valiant king Viradharman; and Durjaya, and Dantavakra, and Rukmi, and Janamejaya; and Ashada and Vayuvega, and king Purvapali; and Bhuritejas, and Devaka, and Ekalaya with his sons; and also the kings of the Krausha race, and the valiant Kshemamurti, and the kings of the Kamboja and the Richika tribes, and of the western sea-coast; and Jayatsena and the king of Kashi, and the rulers of the land of the five rivers, and the proud son of Kratha, and the rulers of the mountain regions, and Janaki, and Susarman and Maniman, and Potimatsyaka, and the valiant Dhrishtaketu, and the ruler of the kingdom of Pansu; and Paundra, and Dandadhara, and the brave Vrihatsena; and Aparajita, and Nishada and Srenimat and Vasumat; and Vrihadvala of great strength, and Vahu the conqueror of hostile cities; and the warlike king Samudrasena with his son; and Uddhava, and Kshemaka and king Vatadhana; and Srutayus, and Dridhayus, and the gallant son of Salwa; and the king of the Kalingas, and Kumara, unconquerable in battle.
Mbh.5.72.3531 SECTION LXXII Bhagwat Yana Parva Janamejaya said, When good Sanjaya leaving the Pandava camp went back to the Kurus, what did my grandsires, the sons of Pandu, then do?
Mbh.5.74.3730 Janamejaya among the Nepas, Vahula among the Talajanghas, proud Vasu among the Krimis, Ajavindu among the Suviras, Rushardhik among the Surashtras, Arkaja among the Valihas, Dhautamulaka among the Chinas, Hayagriva among the Videhas, Varayu among the Mahaujasas, Vahu among the Sundaras, Pururavas among the Diptakshas, Sahaja among the Chedis and Matsyas, Vrishaddhaja among the Praviras, Dharana among the Chandra-batsyas, Bigahana among the Mukutas and Sama among the Nandivegas.
Mbh.5.84.4025 Janamejaya said, How did the illustrious slayer of Madhu, of Dasarha's race, proceed on his journey?
Mbh.5.106.4902 SECTION CVI Janamejaya said, Interminably wedded to evil, blinded by avarice, addicted to wicked courses, resolved upon bringing destruction on his head, inspiring grief in the hearts of kinsmen, enhancing the woes of friends, afflicting all his well-wishers, augmenting the joys of foes, and treading the wrong path, why did not his friends seek to restrain him, and why also did not that great friend of Kuru's race, the holy One; with tranquil soul, or the Grandsire tell him anything from affection'
Mbh.5.154.6837 SECTION CLIV Janamejaya said, Hearing that Yudhishthira had, with his troops marched from the desire of battle and encamped on Kurukshetra, protected by Vasudeva, and aided by Virata and Drupada with their sons, and surrounded by the Kekayas, the Vrishnis, and other kings by hundreds, and watched over by numerous mighty car-warriors, like the great Indra himself by the Adityas, what measures were concerted by king Duryodhana?
Mbh.5.158.6980 SECTION CLVIII Janamejaya said, When Yudhishthira heard that Bhishma, the high-souled son of Ganga, the foremost of all wielders of weapons, the grandsire of the Bharatas, the head of all the kings, the rival of Vrihaspati in intellect, resembling the ocean in gravity, the mountains of Himavat in calmness, the Creator himself in nobleness, and the sun in energy, and capable of slaying hostile hosts like great Indra himself by showering his arrows, was installed, till his removal by death, in the command of the Kuru army on the eve of the great sacrifice of battle, terrific in its mien and capable of making one's hairs stand on their ends, what did that mighty-armed son of Pandu, that foremost of wielders of weapons, say?
Mbh.5.160.7066 SECTION CLX Janamejaya said, After the soldiers had been arrayed thus in order of battle on the field of Kurukshetra, what, O bull among Brahmanas, did the Kauravas then do, urged as they were by destiny itself'
Mbh.6.1.4 Janamejaya said, How did those heroes, the Kurus, the Pandavas, and the Somakas, and the high-souled kings assembled together from various countries, fight
Mbh.7.1.4 Janamejaya said, Hearing that his sire Devavrata of unrivalled vigour and sturdiness, and might, energy and prowess, had been slain by Sikhandin, the prince of the Panchalas, what, indeed, O regenerate Rishi, did the powerful king Dhritarashtra with eyes bathed in tears do?
Mbh.7.23.1131 That tiger among the Panchalas who is known by the name of Janamejaya, had excellent steeds of the hue of mustard flowers.
Mbh.7.60.2727 Of virtuous soul, possessed of great intelligence, heroic, devoted to truth and a master of his passions, Mandhatri vanquished, by his bow Janamejaya and Sudhanwan and Jaya and Suna and Vrihadratha and Nriga.
Mbh.7.155.8338 Dhrishtadyumna, and Sikhandin and Janamejaya, the son of Durmuksha and Chandrasen, and Madrasen, and Kritavarman, Dhruva, and Dhara and Vasuchandra, and Sutejana, the sons of Drupada, and Drupada himself, conversant with high and mighty weapons, and the king of the Matsyas also, with his younger brothers, all resolutely struggling for their sake, and Gajanika, and Virabhadra, and Sudarsana, and Srutadhwaja, and Valanika, and Jayanika, and Jayaprya, and Vijaya and Labhalaksha, and Jayaswa, and Kamaratha, and the handsome brothers of Virata, and the twins Nakula and Sahadeva, and the five sons of Draupadi, and the Rakshasa Ghatotkacha, are all fighting for the Pandavas.
Mbh.7.164.8897 That mighty car-warrior then quickly ascended the car of Janamejaya, the illustrious prince of the Panchalas
Mbh.7.182.9937 Let also Janamejaya and Sikhandin and Durmukha's son and Yasodhara, rush in wrath against the Pot-born on every side.
Mbh.8.1.20 Janamejaya said, Having heard of the fall of Bhishma and that other mighty car-warrior, Drona, the old king Dhritarashtra the son of Ambika had been afflicted with great grief.
Mbh.8.4.99 Vaishampayana continued, Thus addressed by the king, O Janamejaya, the Suta said unto him, The mighty car-warrior Vaikartana, O monarch, hath been slain with his sons and brothers, and other Suta warriors, all of whom were mighty bowmen ready to lay down their lives in battle!
Mbh.8.6.178 Janamejaya of the hilly country, endued with great prowess and accomplished in encounters with the mace, hath, O king, been slain by thy son Durmukha.
Mbh.8.8.230 SECTION Janamejaya said, Having heard of Karna's fall and the slaughter of his sons, what, O foremost of regenerate ones, did the king say, after he had been a little comforted?
Mbh.8.48.2650 Then Dhrishtadyumna, Satyaki, and the five sons of Draupadi, and Vrikodara, Janamejaya, and Shikhandi, and many foremost warriors among the Prabhadrakas, and many amongst the Cedis, the Kaikayas, and the Pancalas, the twins Nakula and Sahadeva, and the Matsyas, all clad in mail, rushed fiercely upon Radha's son, skilled in smiting, from desire of slaying him.
Mbh.8.49.2740 The Pancala prince Janamejaya then pierced Karna with many arrows.
Mbh.8.56.3204 And Shikhandi, and Sahadeva, and Nakula, and Nakula's son, and Janamejaya, and the grandson of Sini, and innumerable Prabhadrakas, all endued with immeasurable energy, advancing with Dhrishtadyumna in their van, looked magnificent as they struck Karna with shafts and diverse weapons.
Mbh.8.61.3553 Bhimasena, and the grandson of Sini, and Shikhandi and Janamejaya, and Dhrishtadyumna of great strength, and all the Prabhadrakas, and those tigers among men, the Pancalas, filled with rage and inspired with desire of victory, rushed in that battle from every side against thy army.
Mbh.8.73.4457 Know, O Partha, that is prevailing over the Pancalas, and the five sons of Draupadi, and Dhrishtadyumna and Shikhandi, and the sons of Dhrishtadyumna, and Satanika, the son of Nakula, and Nakula himself, and Sahadeva, and Durmukha, and Janamejaya, and Sudharman, and Satyaki!
Mbh.8.82.5022 Then Uttamauja and Janamejaya, and the enraged Yudhamanyu and Shikhandi, uniting with Prishata's son Dhrishtadyumna and uttering loud roars, pierced Karna with many shafts.
Mbh.8.82.5026 The Suta's son then pierced Shikhandi with a dozen keen shafts, and Uttamauja with half a dozen, and Yudhamanyu with three, and then each of the other two, viz, Somaka Janamejaya and Prishata's son Dhrishtadyumna with three shafts.
Mbh.9.1.4 Janamejaya said, After Karna had thus been slain in battle by Savyasaci, what did the small unslaughtered remnant of the Kauravas do, O regenerate one?
Mbh.9.1.29 Beholding the sinless monarch, that chief of Bharata's race, seated, surrounded by his daughters-in-law and Gandhari and Vidura and by other friends and kinsmen that were always his well-wishers, and engaged in thinking on that very subject, the death of Karna, the Suta Sanjaya, with heart filled with grief, O Janamejaya, weepingly and in a voice choked with tears, said unto him, I am Sanjaya, O tiger among men.
Mbh.9.33.2364 SECTION Janamejaya said, On the eve of the great battle between the Kurus and the Pandus, the lord Rama, with Keshava's leave, had gone away from Dwaraka accompanied by many of the Vrishnis.
Mbh.9.33.2406 Janamejaya said, Tell me, O foremost of men, the features, the origin, and the merits of the several tirthas on the Sarasvati and the ordinances to be observed while sojourning there!
Mbh.9.33.2416 Janamejaya said, For what reason was the adorable Soma afflicted with phthisis?
Mbh.9.34.2503 Janamejaya said, What is the origin of Udapana?
Mbh.9.35.2593 There, in that sacred tirtha of the Sarasvati, the illustrious Garga of venerable years and soul cleansed by ascetic penances, O Janamejaya, had acquired a knowledge of Time and its course, of the deviations of luminous bodies in the firmament, and of all auspicious and inauspicious portents.
Mbh.9.35.2617 Janamejaya said, Why, O Brahmana, did the Sarasvati bend her course there in an easternly direction?
Mbh.9.35.2634 For their sake, that foremost of streams came there, having made many abodes for herself in that spot, through kindness for those Rishis of sacred penances, O Janamejaya!
Mbh.9.36.2650 SECTION Janamejaya said, Why was that tirtha called Sapta-Saraswat?
Mbh.9.37.2754 Janamejaya said, Why is it called Kapalamochana, where the great Muni became freed from the Rakshasa's head?
Mbh.9.38.2787 SECTION Janamejaya said, Why did the adorable Arshtishena undergo the austerest of penances?
Mbh.9.39.2864 O Janamejaya, about the remedy.
Mbh.9.40.2892 SECTION Janamejaya said, Why is the current of the tirtha known by the name of Vasishthapavaha so rapid?
Mbh.9.41.2985 Janamejaya said, For what reason was Indra tainted with the sin of Brahmanicide?
Mbh.9.41.3006 Thus addressed, Shakra, at these words of Brahma, O Janamejaya, performed in that abode of Sarasvati diverse sacrifices.
Mbh.9.42.3021 SECTION Janamejaya said, Thou hast described the merits of the Sarasvati, O best of Brahmanas!
Mbh.9.42.3027 The words that I shall speak, will, O Janamejaya, be conducive to thy pleasure.
Mbh.9.43.3136 Some of them were in youth; some were old and some, O Janamejaya, were very young in years.
Mbh.9.43.3139 Listen to me, O Janamejaya, as I describe them!
Mbh.9.45.3349 SECTION Janamejaya said, This history, O regenerate one, that I have heard from thee is exceedingly wonderful, this narration, in detail, of the installation, according to due rites, of Skanda.
Mbh.9.45.3371 Janamejaya said, For what reason did Agni, the Creator of all the worlds, disappear?
Mbh.9.46.3479 Janamejaya said, Who was the mother of Sruvavati, and how was that fair damsel reared?
Mbh.9.47.3502 The great Rama, having duly bathed there, made presents unto the Brahmanas, O Janamejaya, and worshipped them thus.
Mbh.9.47.3508 After the completion of that foremost of sacrifices, the Rajasuya of Varuna, a terrible battle, O Janamejaya, ensued amongst the Kshatriyas.
Mbh.9.48.3530 At the hour, however, of dinner, O Janamejaya, the intelligent and righteous ascetic, leading a life of mendicancy, approached Devala for soliciting alms.
Mbh.9.48.3541 Having finished his ablutions and silent prayers, the blessed Devala returned to his asylum, O Janamejaya, bearing with him his earthen vessel filled with water.
Mbh.9.49.3602 Janamejaya said, Why did the sage Sarasvata, O thou of ascetic merit, teach the Vedas unto the rishis during a twelve years' drought
Mbh.9.50.3671 SECTION Janamejaya said, Why, O regenerate one, did that maiden betake herself to ascetic penances, in days of old?
Mbh.9.52.3748 SECTION Vaishampayana said, Having visited Kurukshetra and given away wealth there, he of the Satwata race then proceeded, O Janamejaya, to a large and exceedingly beautiful hermitage.
Mbh.9.53.3804 SECTION Vaishampayana said, Even thus, O Janamejaya, did that terrible battle take place.
Mbh.9.54.3855 SECTION Vaishampayana said, At the outset, O Janamejaya a fierce wordy encounter took place between the two heroes.
Mbh.9.61.4379 SECTION Janamejaya said, For what reason did that tiger among kings, Yudhishthira the just, despatch that scorcher of foes, Vasudeva, unto Gandhari?
Mbh.10.11.798 SECTION Vaishampayana said, Beholding his sons, grandsons, and friends all slain in battle, the king's soul became overwhelmed with great grief, O Janamejaya!
Mbh.11.1.4 Janamejaya said, After Duryodhana had fallen and after all the warriors also had fallen, what, O sage, did king Dhritarashtra do on receipt of the intelligence?
Mbh.11.2.70 SECTION Vaishampayana said, Listen, O Janamejaya, to the nectar-like words that Vidura said unto the son of Vicitravirya and by which he gladdened that bull among men!
Mbh.11.9.390 SECTION Janamejaya said, After the holy Vyasa had departed, what, O regenerate sage, did king Dhritarashtra, do?
Mbh.12.45.2216 SECTION XLVI Janamejaya said, It behoveth thee, O learned Brahmana, to tell me what was next done by Yudhishthira the mighty-armed son of Dharma after he had regained his kingdom.
Mbh.12.47.2290 SECTION XLVIII Janamejaya said, How did the grandsire of the Bharatas, who lay on a bed of arrows, cast off his body and what kind of Yoga did he adopt'
Mbh.12.53.2833 SECTION LIV Janamejaya said, When that tiger among men, of righteous soul and great energy, firmly adhering to truth and with passions under complete control, viz, the son of Santanu and Ganga, named Devavrata or Bhishma of unfading glory, lay on a hero's bed with the sons of Pandu sitting around him, tell me, O great sage, what converse ensued in that meeting of heroes after the slaughter of the troops'
Mbh.12.123.7017 Mandhatri conquered the whole world in course of only one night, Janamejaya, in course of three; and Nabhaga, in course of seven.
Mbh.12.149.8896 Bhishma said, I shall in this connection recite to thee the old narrative, applauded by the Rishis, of what the regenerate Indrota, the son of Sunaka, said unto Janamejaya.
Mbh.12.149.8897 There was in days of yore, a king possessed of great energy, called Janamejaya, who was the son of Parikshit.
Mbh.12.149.8905 Burning with the remembrance of his sinful act, Janamejaya wandered about.
Mbh.12.150.8930 SECTION CLI Bhishma said, Thus addressed, Janamejaya replied unto the sage, saying, Thou rebukest one that deserves to be rebuked.
Mbh.12.150.8961 Janamejaya said, I am repenting of my sins.
Mbh.12.150.8979 Janamejaya said, I swear, touching even thy feet, that I shall never again, in thought, word, or deed, injure the Brahmanas
Mbh.12.151.8988 All this, O Janamejaya, is certain to appear wonderful to those kings that are sunk in sin.
Mbh.12.151.8995 This last, O Janamejaya, is highly cleansing for kings.
Mbh.12.151.9048 Bhishma continued, Indrota, the son of Sunaka, having said these words unto king Janamejaya, assisted him, by his ministrations, in the performance of the horse-sacrifice.
Mbh.12.172.10336 Vaisampayana continued, Hearing these words spoken by the high-souled Bhishma, Yudhishthira, O Janamejaya, became highly gratified'
Mbh.12.233.14484 Savitri, by giving away her ear-rings, and king Janamejaya, by giving away his own body, both proceeded to high regions of felicity.
Mbh.12.283.17454 SECTION CCLXXXIV Janamejaya said, How O Brahmana, was the Horse-sacrifice of the Prajapati Daksha, the son of Prachetas, destroyed during the age of Vaivaswata Manu?
Mbh.12.339.21994 Vaisampayana continued, Having listened to the best of narratives, O Janamejaya, king Yudhishthira the just and all his brothers became devoted to Narayana.
Mbh.12.339.22001 Suta continued, I have now told you all that Vaisampayana recited to Janamejaya.
Mbh.12.339.22002 Having listened to Vaisampayana's narration, king Janamejaya properly discharged all his duties according to the ordinances laid down in the scriptures.
Mbh.12.340.22016 Sauti said, O excellent Saunaka, I shall recite to thee what Vaisampayana, the disciple of the intelligent Vyasa, said when questioned on these very topics by king Janamejaya.
Mbh.12.340.22017 Having heard the discourse on the glory of Narayana who is the Soul of all embodied creatures, Janamejaya, endued with great intelligence and wisdom, questioned Vaisampayana on these very subjects.
Mbh.12.340.22018 Janamejaya said, The whole world of Beings, with Brahma, the deities, the Asuras and human beings, are seen to be deeply attached to actions which have been said to be productive of prosperity.
Mbh.12.341.22215 SECTION CCCXLII Janamejaya said, O holy one, it behoveth thee to tell me the significance of those diverse names uttering which the great Rishi Vyasa with his disciples hymned the praises of the illustrious slayer of Madhu.
Mbh.12.343.22735 Sauti said, During the continuance of his snake-sacrifice, Janamejaya, the royal son of Parikshit, availing himself of an interval in the sacrificial rites, and when all the learned Brahmanas were resting.
Mbh.12.343.22737 Janamejaya said, After the celestial Rishi Narada had returned from White Island, reflecting, as he came, on the words spoken to him by the holy Narayana, what indeed, did the great ascetic next do?
Mbh.12.347.22977 SECTION CCCXLVIII Janamejaya said, I have heard from thee the glory of the divine and Supreme Soul.
Mbh.12.347.22992 Janamejaya said, Tell me, O best of men, for what reason did Hari appear in that mighty form equipt with a horse-head and which Brahma, the Creator, beheld on the shores of the great northern Ocean on the occasion referred to by yourself
Mbh.12.348.23184 SECTION CCCXLIX Janamejaya said, The illustrious Hari becomes gracious unto them that are devoted to him with their whole souls.
Mbh.12.348.23293 Janamejaya said, I see that those regenerate persons whose souls have been awakened practise diverse kinds of duties.
Mbh.12.348.23312 Janamejaya said, How can one that is fraught with the principle of change succeed in attaining to that Purushottama the foremost of Purusha?
Mbh.12.349.23328 SECTION CCCL Janamejaya said, The Sankhya system, the Pancharatra scriptures, and the Aranyaka-Vedas, these different systems of knowledge or religion, O regenerate Rishi, are current in the world.
Mbh.12.349.23335 Janamejaya said, O best of regenerate persons, it was thou that saidst before this that the Rishi Vasishtha had a son of the name of Saktri and that Saktri had a son of the name of Parasara, and that Parasara begot a son named the Island-born Krishna endued with great ascetic merit.
Mbh.12.350.23445 SECTION CCCLI Janamejaya said, O regenerate one, are there many Purushas or is there only one?
Mbh.12.352.23559 SECTION CCCLIII Sauti said, After Vaisampayana had explained to king Janamejaya in this way the glory of Narayana, he began to discourse on another topic by reciting the question of Yudhishthira and the answer that Bhishma gave in the presence of all the.
Mbh.13.6.416 Was not Janamejaya, who followed the foot-prints of Sakra, checked and put down by the gods for killing a Brahmana woman?
Mbh.13.137.11345 King Janamejaya of the solar race, went to the highest heaven by making a gift of ear-rings, fine vehicles, and cows to Brahmanas.
Mbh.13.166.13715 SECTION CLXVI Janamejaya said, When that foremost person among the Kauravas, viz, Bhishma, was lying on a bed of arrows, a bed that is always coveted by heroes, and when the Pandavas, were sitting around him, my great grandsire Yudhishthira of much wisdom, heard these expositions of mysteries with respect to the subject of duty and had all his doubts solved.
Mbh.14.15.405 SECTION XV Janamejaya said, O the best of regenerate beings, when the Pandavas had reconquered and pacified their kingdom, what did the two warriors, Vasudeva and Dhananjaya do?
Mbh.14.16.431 SECTION XVI Anugita Parva Janamejaya said, When the high-souled Kesava and Arjuna after slaying their enemies repaired to the assembly rooms, what conversation, O regenerate one, took place between them'
Mbh.14.55.2447 Vaisampayana continued, Unto him, O Janamejaya, Govinda of gratified soul said these words, Do thou ask for some boon' Unto him Utanka, however, said, Even this is a sufficient boon from thee for the present, O thou of great splendour, in that, O Krishna, I have beheld this form of thine, O foremost of all beings.
Mbh.14.56.2492 SECTION LVI Janamejaya said, With what penances was the high-souled Utanka endued so that he entertained the wish to denounce a curse on Vishnu himself, who is the source of all puissance'
Mbh.14.56.2493 Vaisampayana said, O Janamejaya, Utanka was endued with austere penances.
Mbh.14.56.2497 Gautama's gratification with and affection for Utanka, among his numerous disciples, were very great, O Janamejaya.
Mbh.14.56.2546 Replying unto her So be it, Utanka departed, O Janamejaya, resolved to bring those ear-rings for doing what was agreeable to his preceptor's wife.
Mbh.14.57.2593 Hearing the command of Saudasa, that lady of large eyes replied unto the highly intelligent Utanka, O Janamejaya, in these words: It is even so, O regenerate one.
Mbh.14.58.2670 Then, O Janamejaya, the Earth, opening with those strokes having the force of thunder, yielded a way to the nether regions inhabited by the Nagas.
Mbh.14.58.2695 Cries of woe were heard throughout the mansions of the Airavatas, uttered by the Nagas headed by Vasuki, O Janamejaya.
Mbh.14.58.2705 It was even thus, O Janamejaya, that the high-souled Utanka, having wandered through the three worlds, fetched those jewelled ear-rings for his preceptor's wife.
Mbh.14.59.2709 SECTION LIX Janamejaya said, After having conferred that boon on Utanka, O foremost of regenerate persons, what did the mighty-armed Govinda of great celebrity next do'
Mbh.14.63.2886 SECTION LXIII Janamejaya said, Having heard these words, O regenerate one, that were spoken by the high-souled Vyasa in respect of the horse-sacrifice, what steps were taken by Yudhishthira?
Mbh.14.66.2970 It was while the Vrishni heroes, O Janamejaya, were residing in the Kuru city, O king, that thy sire, that slayer of hostile heroes, was born.
Mbh.14.90.4012 SECTION XC Janamejaya said, It behoveth thee to tell me of any wonderful incident that occurred in the sacrifice of my grandsires'
Mbh.14.91.4241 SECTION XCI Janamejaya said, O puissant Rishi, kings are attached to sacrifices.
Mbh.14.92.4292 SECTION XCII Janamejaya said, If, O illustrious one, Heaven is the fruit of wealth acquired by lawful means, do thou discourse to me fully on it.
Mbh.14.92.4351 Indeed, O Janamejaya, till the completion of the sacrifice of that Rishi of immeasurable prowess, the deity of rain poured rain that met the wishes of men in respect of both quantity and time.
Mbh.14.92.4354 Janamejaya said, Who was that mongoose with a golden head, that said all those words in a human voice?
Mbh.15.1.4 Janamejaya said After having acquired their kingdom, how did my grandsires, the high-souled Pandavas, conduct themselves towards the high-souled king Dhritarashtra?
Mbh.15.13.608 After Vidura had said these words, O Janamejaya, Dhritarashtra his satisfaction at them and set his heart upon making large presents on the day of full moon in the month of Kartika'
Mbh.15.29.1133 SECTION XXIX Putradarsana Parva Janamejaya said, Tell me.
Mbh.15.29.1175 Vaisampayana continued, Hearing these lamentations expressed in diverse ways, of that royal sage, the grief, O Janamejaya, of Gandhari, became fresh.
Mbh.15.32.1296 At this, O Janamejaya, a deafening uproar was heard to arise from within the waters, resembling that which had formerly been heard of the forces of the Kurus and the Pandavas.
Mbh.15.34.1353 SECTION XXXIV Sauti said, Hearing this story of the re-appearance and departure of his forefathers, king Janamejaya of great intelligence became highly pleased.
Mbh.15.34.1355 Thus asked, that foremost of regenerate persons, viz, the disciple of Vyasa, that first of speakers, possessed of great energy, thus answered Janamejaya.
Mbh.15.35.1397 Janamejaya said, If Vyasa, disposed to grant me a boon, kindly show me my sire in that form which he had, clad as he used to be clad, and as old as he was when he departed from this world, I may then believe all that thou hast told me.
Mbh.15.35.1402 Sauti said, After king Janamejaya had said these words, Vyasa of great energy and intelligence showed his grace and brought Parikshit from the other world.
Mbh.15.35.1403 King Janamejaya beheld his royal father, possessed of great beauty, brought down from Heaven, in the same form that he had and of the same age as he was at the time of leaving this world.
Mbh.15.35.1406 King Janamejaya.
Mbh.15.35.1419 Sauti continued, Having heard this from that foremost of regenerate ones, King Janamejaya worshipped that Rishi, repeatedly honouring him in every way.
Mbh.15.36.1421 SECTION XXXVI Janamejaya said, Having seen his sons and grandsons with all their friends and followers, what, indeed, did that ruler of men, viz, Dhritarashtra, and king Yudhishthira also, do'
Mbh.16.1.23 Janamejaya said: Indeed, O holy one, how was it that the Andhakas along with Vrishnis, and those great car-warriors, the Bhojas, met with destruction in the very sight of Vasudeva
Mbh.16.1.26 Janamejaya said: Cursed by whom did those heroes, the Vrishnis, the Andhakas, and the Bhojas, met with destruction?
Mbh.16.7.330 Those Mlecchas, however, O Janamejaya, in the very sight of Partha, retreated, taking away with them many foremost ladies of the Vrishnis and Andhakas.
Mbh.17.1.4 Janamejaya said: Having heard of that encounter with iron bolts between the heroes of the Vrishni and the Andhaka races, and having been informed also of Krishnas ascension to Heaven, what did the Pandavas do
Mbh.18.1.4 Janamejaya said, Having attained to Heaven, what regions were respectively attained by my grandsires of old, viz, the Pandavas and the sons of Dhritarashtra?
Mbh.18.5.228 SECTION Janamejaya said, Bhishma and Drona, those two high-souled persons, king Dhritarashtra, and Virata and Drupada, and Sankha and Uttara.
Mbh.18.5.260 When the time came, O Janamejaya, they, plunged into the Sarasvati.
Mbh.18.5.268 Sauti said: Hearing this, ye foremost of regenerate ones, at the intervals of sacrificial rites, king Janamejaya became filled with wonder.
Mbh.18.5.271 King Janamejaya then gratified all the Brahmanas with copious presents.
Mbh.18.5.273 Having dismissed those learned Brahmanas, king Janamejaya came back from Takshasila to the city named after the elephant.
Mbh.18.6.328 SECTION Janamejaya said, O holy one, according to what rites should the learned listen to the Bharata?
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