Different “Me”s

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(This was written when I was a 3rd year B-Arch student to redefine or refine myself…These are the thoughts flown out of me as I asked myself : “define me”)

Different “Me”s


Logical me
Analyses everything logically…

1. What (who) is god?
God is the consciousness or awareness of the universe as a system.

2. What (who) are you?
I am a living being, a collection of interdependent systems working for the better existence of the whole, with a collective awareness or consciousness.

3. How they are related?
Both God and I are systems with a highly complex state called “consciousness “or “awareness”. Their relation: If man is “a part” then god is the “whole”. All systems in the universe is synthesized to form the whole….god

Emotional me
Emotional me see and lives life through emotions. Happiness, sadness etc makes his language….

1. What (who) is god?
God is love and happiness. He (or she) is the happy creator of everything in the universe. He is the loving father (or she is the loving mother) who loves each and every creation as he loves himself

2. What (who) are you?
I am a happy creation of god, who is working happily according to his (her) will.

3. How they are related?
We are related to each other as loving father (mother) and son. He (she) is the one who protects and help me in everything. He (she) guides to my destiny.


Bodily me
“Bodily me” is actually a logical classification. Still it is, the “physical part of me”, “biological me”,” chemical me” etc. The “me” as a hardware of the “mind me” and “soul me”. It is composed of a collection of cells working as a unit, which communicate with brain and each other using electric signals and hormones. It needs food and maintenance.

1. What (who) is god?
It is the probability that decides which cell should be a brain cell or which one should be a hair cell during embryo formation

2. What (who) are you?
I am a collection of interdependent cells controlled by brain signals and hormones.

3. How they are related?
We are related to each other as a cell to a living being (cell= man, living being=god)

Universal me

Beyond words …”The” me… beyond classification. beyond anything and everything and even nothing.

1. What (who) is god?
God can’t be defined as it (she or he) is “the undefined*”; beyond definability or it is everything, anything and even nothing. It is the zero as it is the infinity.
(Note: * “Defined” in the sense, “that can be measured or analyzed or categorized”
“Un”, since the reference itself should be included in the definition.)
2. What (who) are you?
I am the same…!

3. How they are related?
They are related as 1 to 1 and 2 to 2…

HINDUSM (My thoughts at that time)
1. Practically belief in many gods (as manifestation of a single god.)
2. Belief in no god, a variant of atheism
3. Belief in one supreme existence “ brahman”.( both accepted by atheists and theists)

Evolution of belief!

What is Brahman?
1. It is (the) a concept
2. It is the reality
3. It do exists
4. It is aware
5. It is everything
6. Nothingness is also part of it
7(a.) It has got no definite (or defined) size, shape, form, number(it is space independent), end or beginning (it is time independent). (b.) It has got every size, shape, form, number, end or beginning.(c.) Since, it is everything.

Finally it is beyond definition since “IT (IS)/ (EXIST IN)/ EVERYTHING.”

This article is authored by Maanavan at 28 May 2010 10:11 and updated at 07 Apr 2011 10:31

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