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Id like to share my view here

Devdutt Patnaik is a misguided monster. I was a fan of his work for over 5 years and could never understand why people like Rajiv Malhotra always criticized him. May be Rajiv Malhotras envy is getting better of him I thought. I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Wendy Doniger (Guru of of Devdutt Patnaik) The Hindus : Alternative History to be shocked at the level of filth that one so called researcher could put up into one book <link to the book> -

Then I found this ….
<link to Devdutts page with Wendys interview> - Then my admiration for Devdutt Patnaik shattered. It took a while for me to getting used to the new reality of finding my favorite author (back then) to be a HinduPhobe.

I could not get around the extreme popularity of this author and really wanted to understand where I went wrong in understanding his work… It took quite some time before I found one of his tweets (which is now deleted) that he equates consciousness with imagination and thinks that he has solved what scientists call the "Hard problem of consciousness" … Then I understood where he is coming from and why he has a fetish for subtly promoting his fantasy first as myth then as implicit interpretation of Hinduism. either you have to be able to see thru his game or stay away from his work… any other route is going to waste your valuable time.

Thank you for accepting my request to the community- i am so excited and interested in the idea of these ANCIENT texts and narratives.
I was reading through entire forums and this post especially along with the one on the mythical creatures of nagas and garduas. It reminded me of the epic retake titled Grendel where the supernatural and the mythical storytelling is high. Its a rewriting of the epic Beowulf- i think folks on this forum would love to read it

Conversations on myth by ellisaelellisael, 26 Jul 2021 05:41

Tat Tvam Asi… Swamyee SaranamAyyappa

Iris , very informative post. I would've love to hear Jijith's reply to your questions. I couldn't agree more with you that the Out of africa theory has no scientific bearing. however , according to the Mahabaratas and vedas , It couldn't be more resounding that India was indeed the homeland of the aryans . Its also the only region where the culture and Sanskrit language has remained alive . There are also no artifacts, symbols eg swastika , monuments , religious practices or names of geographical places mentioned by the aryans anywhere in the world that resembles the homeland or origins of the aryans but India.

Re: Four questions by Lisa HouseLisa House, 01 Oct 2018 10:23

My take on this post is that the assumption of Mt Meru being a mountain in africa is contradicting the description of this mountain along with other geographical locations mentioned by the ARYANS in the Mahabharata. The Out of Africa theory is just a hypothesis and has been debunked when human fossils dating much older than the ones found in africa has been found in europe , Siberia , east Asia and Russia . Also according to Manu , the only description of the only home he has known was land of the seven rivers synonymous with North india. This assumption of humans migrating out of africa to other regions of the earth is absolutely hilarious and has no sound scientific proof . The vedas also give accounts of dates as much as millions of years old. If Noah's ark did land on the highest mountain peak , from which he and his sons descend , then it is by all means a peak of the Himalayas ,being the highest mountain on earth and he would've mentioned his original homeland about geographical places in africa which is not coresponding with the descriptions given in the mahabaratas , vedas etc.

The description can be viewed in a slightly different manner.

Kashyapa is a person whose job is to regenerate Earth and then populate it. So we will find different wives and different progenies including dogs (Sarameya from Sarama), River (Iravati) and so on mentioned at different times.

Consider the "Snake" described here as Naga people. The thousand "snakes" are just small but powerful groups of Naga, or may be their kingdom.

Same way, the Garuda and Arun are not birds but kingdoms.

Same way, Kadru and Vinata etc. are metaphors…not necessarily a human being.

There is another story about Indra and Vayu. Vayu's mother was asked to keep vigil while Vayu was in womb. Somehow she fell asleep. Indra went inside the womb and cut the embryo in 49 pieces. It can be realized as a Kingdom in making….jealous Indra divided the people in 49 pieces !

The basic thing is, in most places metaphors are being used to make it easy for people to remember. These Itihasa and Purana were for common people. Veda and Upanishads were for learned people. There metaphors are less, but sometimes more cryptic.

Without understanding metaphors (which, frankly speaking, most of us do not understand), literal study of any epic will create confusion. It is like a English Professor reading a physics book on Quantum mechanics !


The mahabharat is not from 5500 BC. According to puranas and other vedic scriptures it is from around 3000 BC . Mahabharat took place (from now) around 5000 years back.
After mahabharat many changes took place on earth.
The mleccha's are the descendants of Adam and Eve (beginning of the white Race) . This whole story you can find in the Bhavisya Purana.
Many Aryans after mahabharat came to Western Countries (europe) . A lot of Aryans later went back to India again. From here AIT theory. When they left India to Europe they brought the vedic knowledge with them and when they went back to India they again took it with them to India. Here in the west they only tell you the story when the Aryans went back from europe to India. They don't tell you that originaly they came from India with their vedic culture and after some time they went back.
The Aryans that didn't go , they mixed themselves with the mlecchas. You can see this in people in some country of Europe. Like turkish people , some of them look exactly like Indians with black hair and brown skin, some of them looks like white european people and some are between these two. The same also with Italians , Spanish , etc.

If you want to know the truth , the best is to follow the puranas and also look what is in reality . Both should match. In the Puranas, Mahabharata and other Vedic Scriptures every thing is written accurate. That is why Krishna in his Literaire incarnation as Vyasadeva he wrote all the Scriptures 5000 years back for the people of Kali Yuga. Because he knew that in Kali Yuga will be too much confusion , wrong interpretation end EGO.

I have a question.

I have read in the Srimad Bhagwatam about the pleanetary system, About Rasatal, palataal, talataal etc.. Now i am reading about this same but different. You are explaining about these names on the earth. Like mahatala is north america , rasatala is Australia. I know from the Srimad Bhagwatam that these are the lower planetary groups.
Can you explain me how you exactly came to the knowledge that lower planetary names you can use it also for the earth?


sunil by Sunil KhusialSunil Khusial, 03 Apr 2015 22:28

Thank you for the tremendous amount of effort in presenting such valuable material.

Please can you provide the original Sanskrit word used in Mahabharata for the following:

1] pork 2] venison 3] wine 4] arm-pit slapping

I have not come across a verse by verse translation [Devanagiri-English]

Many thanks

sanskrit words by kalsunkalsun, 22 Jan 2015 23:45

Dear Jijith,

You are doing a great job analysing the ancient Vedic and Hindu scriptures. Thank you for all your dedicated work!

I'm also doing some research and would be delighted to hear your comment on the following questions.

You mentioned in one of your essays that the Kurus were cultivating brahminical and ksatriya castes and had little sympathy for the trading and fishing communities surrounding their territories. The
arya brahmins dispise also the mlecchas and yavanas (Turks and Greeks) until today.

The reason for their disdain may be that the noble aryas disqualify them for their habit of meateating. Arya is about morality in life and spiritual advancement independent of bodily features, isn't it?

The Out of Africa theory is no longer supported by intelligent scientists, except the mainstream, which turns the theory doubtfull anyhow. There have been two great scholars who maintain that the
arya nobility migrated from the North Pole.

One mystic is Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the inspirator of Nehru and Gandhi, who analysed the Rg Veda in jail during British rule. In the vedik rituals he found proof of the Arctic home of the Vedas. They worshipped the dawn of the new sun (after half year of darkness) and celestial bodies at the intervals of natural seasons existent only on the North Pole. At that time that place consisted of a land mass with a subtropical climate and lush greens. So, the oral tradition of Rg Veda must be prediluvial at least 10,500 years ago. Gangadhar Tilak, 'The Arctic Home in the Vedas' 1903 - (guests and low-karma users are not allowed to post links)

The other mystic was Manly Palmer Hall explaining that scientient life entered earth on the North Pole in subtle bodies that were not physical yet. Every living being and all biological cells in nature are constructed with a north and a south pole. Even an egg has a north and a south pole beaming different electromagnetic charges. Therefore, entrance onto the earth was possible only due to the magnetic fields on the Arctic. Hall says, the arya community existed on earth at least one million years ago (guests and low-karma users are not allowed to post links) The archaeological artifacts discussed by Michael Cremo in his books and videos support Hall's theory empirically.

There is confusion about the duration of the yugas mentioned in the Puranas. Svami Sri Yukteshvara Giri from the Himalayas, the disciple of Haidakhan Baba and teacher of Yogananda, published a small
book entitled 'The Holy Science', in the Introduction of which he shows the correct durations of the four yugas. Reason for the miscalculation of the brahmins was, that after the War of Kuruksetra, Yuddhisthira left for the Himalayas and took with him the best of his astrologers and scientists. Those who were left behind on the subcontinent didn't possess enough knowledge to calculate the complex astrological systems in the galaxy. The result was that they inflated each yuga with a factor of 100.

The Puranas tell us that Kali-yuga will last for 432,000 years. In reality, it will last only 4,500 years. Kali-yuga began at the end of Kurukshetra War and had its darkest period around 500 BC. The
dark age ended around 1500 AD. So according to the calculation by the yogis in the Himalayas, where the correct knowledge still exists, we are 500 years in Dvapara-yuga now.

The Tamils however will say that the Aryan deities - Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma - were 'looted' from the Tamils. The Persian 'immigrants' Sanskritised ancient Tamil knowledge and modified their scriptures
according to taste. The man who's doing the research of Tamil and Aryan history says, "The Deities are Tamil, the stories are Aryan". Their original mystic system was called 'Aaseevaham'.

The knowledge of the Four Vedas was given by Shiva at the First Sangam 10-20,000 years ago. Shiva contracted four disciples (the Four Kumaras, his 'brothers') to hear and remember his teachings. The researcher shows that Shiva was from the Paleolithic era, Murugan Mesolithic and Vishnu Neolithic. All these 'deities' were human beings who later became deified in temples of worship for the common man. Vishnu was a keen astronomer who went to Meso-America to teach the Mayas. The Mayan Calendar was taught by Vishnu. Shiva started the first Sangam and introduced written language in images for the first time. Two Sangams followed in later times from which the Tamil language was generated. 'The Ancient Culture of Tamils' (playlist) (guests and low-karma users are not allowed to post links)

What are your thoughts on these subjects, please, Jijith?


Four questions by Iris GoosenIris Goosen, 19 Oct 2014 18:43

Bharat Charitra pariksha tells about the base of Mahabharat. The event of the Samhita period is reshaped in Mahabharat and with the inserting of Geeta inthis epic , it reached to the present position. Ganapati muni clearly showed the event of this Samhita period (War between KUTSA and Shushna) . Arjuna,s name is also KUTSA. Shushna of Samhita period is considered as KARNA in Mahabharat. Shushna is another name of Karna.

it is strange matter that , in Samhita period Arjuna is the other name of Kutsa and Karna was the another name of Shushna.

Bharat Charitra Pariksha written by Vasistha ganapati Muni and presented in Valter(Andhra Pradesh )

I am translating this book into Kannada (Dravidian language) Vol No1 and Vol 2.
Vol No 1 is available.

This is for your information

Puttu Kulkarni
=91 9448774920

Magadh should read Magadha
"here is some" should read "here are some" :-)

To Jijith Nadumuri,
Greetings from Australia,
I just read your page about the journey from Indraprastha To Magadh by Arjuna and companions…
This history in my opinion is very nicely presented and well written

I saw a blog comment where you asked for spelling correction…
the word 'lied' is used incorrectly, so here is some minor corrections as you asked :-)

,,,thus included territories that lied lay to the south of Kuru-Panchala (or 'were positioned' to the south)
…included the kingdoms that lied in the southern banks of Ganga-Yamuna (or 'were situated on' the southern…
…The route that lied went to the immediate south of [the] Himalayan mountains, was another Uttarapatha route leading to Pragjyotisha, passing through the Kirata territories
…The populated regions of the Kuru kingdom <…> lied lay between Ganga and Yamuna
…the immediate region where it lied lay was considered as part of Kuru country (or 'was situated')
…passed through Kuru-jangala that lied lay to the north (or 'was situated')
…Kalakuta lied lay in the territories controlled by the Kurus (or 'was situated')
…that lied lay on the banks of Sarayu with Ayodhya

Sorry , but according to Srimad Bhagavatam 8.24.13 it could not be a "separate tribe of people", because Manu Vaivasvata, the founder of the vedic society, is called a "king of the dravidians". So dravidian people cannot be separated from vedic people.

I forgot (but I think it would not be necessary to be mentioned for you): This also contradicts the AIT fundamentaly.

In terms of the AIT I agree with you, but I don't believe the so called "aryan people" to be indegenous to India, because according to the Puranas Manu Vaivasvata came to the Himalaya by ship. I think (and I got good reasons for that) the "aryan people" came from Kumari Kandam erroniously identified with the never existant Lemuria but in fact identical with Sundaland as can be seen with Google Earth very clearly because this area is within the range of the sea level rising after the last ice age.

Re: dravidan by Peter NowakPeter Nowak, 12 Aug 2014 14:11

aryan invasion theory was invented by the british.i can prove it in a single line.because according to europians the aryan invasion was done at 3500bc.but the greatest epics of the world mahabharatha occured 5500 B.C.this can be proved by the astronomical dates that are provided in mahabaratha.the europians think we hindus were dump to belive their false theory.but the real dumo were them.because they cannot lie even properly.they cannot even create single false proof had lots of loop holes in it .foolish dumpsters.
another example
according to euroipans alexander the great had largest heavily trained army.he could not even cross the sindhu river .our king ambhi helped alexander to cross the sindhu river my making elephant bridge. is here comes the truth
**according to europians aryans were horse nomads.they travel from place to place.

the sindu very river when comparing to saraswathi river that was running during mahabharatha period.
1. How could horse nomads cross such a big river and come to india?? could they fight the dravidan(accoring to them)who knows their living places better than them? could the aryan defeat the dravidans who were heroic warriors?

1.not even a mobilezed and well trained army like alexander could not even cross a river(sindhu) that was a branch river of saraswathi river.then how can the SO CALLED ARYANS CROSS THE SARASWATHI RIVER,SINDHU RIVER and invade india.the truth is they never invaded.but was invented
2.every one knows that the natives knows the places better than the new one.even a fool know it well
3.the horse nomads doesnot even have proper battle training .then how could they defeat the socalled dravidans .the mohedora,harapps sites shows the people living there were highly knowledeged ,modernized,skillful than any other people in the world.they should have a better army to fight the so calld invaders

aryan invasion theory by Pranesh BrisingrPranesh Brisingr, 10 Aug 2014 02:05

The dravidan you have mentioned is a seprate tribe of is not the cholas,pandiyas,cheras are the keralas.because the cholas,pandiyas,kerlalas are seprately mentioned in mahabharata in their own names as cholas,pandiyas,keralas,cheras.for ex a pandiyan king fought for pandava army and opposed aswathaama during a fight in elephant.another pandiya king fought for kauravas and was killed by the term dravidans does not mention cholas,pandiyas,keralas,etc.dravidan are another 1912 only the term dravidan was introduced by foolish politicians (who says there is no hindu gods)the hindu culture is bad.they said aryan invasion theory is correct.but the aryan invasion theory was invented by british to divide and conqure our hindu people.becaus they were astonished by reading vedas.the british didnt read all the hinduism related books but only a few.maxmuller who translated vedas doesnt know sanskrit.he has not even come to india.but how did he translate clearly shows the translations were crap.

dravidan by Pranesh BrisingrPranesh Brisingr, 10 Aug 2014 01:59

If you examine the Mahabharata carefully, you will find that it describes two very different Levels of Technology:
- On the one Hand a Society on the Level of the bronze Age with war elephants, horse driven chariots, conches for signals on the battlefield, bows and arrows, swords and so on as weapons. All of this is on the technological Level of the bronce Age and very ordinary Technology of that time.
- On the other Hand flying machines (vimanas), arrows with properties, which remind us on rocketry and weapons with efects, which seem very similar to atomic bombs..
As far as I know the Mahabharata, the Technology of the second described Level was Technology of the gods, given to their progeny or devotees. In my opinion this shows clearly, that these two Levels of Technology are not inventions but descriptions on a real Basis. This is very clear to see in the description of the Propulsion of a vimana (I'm not sure, this is in Mahabharata, maybe it was in Ramayana, but that doesn't matter in this purpose). Even the description is on a very high Level, because it needs a lot of experience, to give a description as short as possible but with all Information, needed to understand and reconstruct the object. I'm very sure, this was originally part of a technical description.
So from this Point of view it seems clear, that the technological descriptions are not imaginary but real achievments of the gods. In this Connection we have to see, that the Indian yuga System originates from the krita- or satyayuga, at which time the first Generation of gods, called "Jayas" or "Sons of Brahma" (this term also appears in the Bible as "Sons of God" and in other ancient scriptures) were "mind Born" by Brahma. From them in Tretayuga were begotten the daityas as the second Generation, from which came in Dvaparayuga the devas as the third Generation. This is the depiction of the Puranas but it is in accordance with the religious Believes of a lot of different peoples at different Locations, even different Continents. Apart from the fact, that the Indian yuga System no longer applies remains the fact, that this System pushes back the history of advanced human societies (which means the offspring of gods and former human races!) to more than 2 Million (2,.000.000) years. This is surely time enough, to develop an advanced Technology, if you compare the advancement of human Technology in the last say 500 years,.

Human or Alien Technology? by Peter NowakPeter Nowak, 04 Aug 2014 12:05

Dear Sir, I'm new at this forum and find it very enlightening. But let me tell you with all respect, that I don't believe in your "demystifying". The general reason for that is, that I got another understanding of myth, which is caused in my examination of the content of ancient myths, especially in Platons dialogs. Compare for example the Phaeton myth in Platons Timaios. There you can see, that myth is just a way of passing down real events of ancient times. The way, myth does it, is developed, to keep it better in mind. So to examine myth, you have to distinguish between the mythical form and the content, this form transports.

If we apply this on the myth of the chariot of the sun god Surya, it would show us, that the sun was not believed to be stationary but moving. This is because the solar system is part of a spiral arm of our galaxy. The galaxy is rotating, so the solar system as a whole is moving and there are other levels of movement too. The ancient indian people used the picture of the chariot, to point out this fact of the moving sun, while the ancient egyptian people showed the same fact by painting their gods situated in boats.

sun gods car by Peter NowakPeter Nowak, 04 Aug 2014 07:39

Hi to All,
I want entire world map during Mahabharat period

But the fact is , what we know is a lot different than what actually happened.

Those people were different than us, those times were different too, we don't need to assume something, everything written in scriptures is true. Kamsa killed 7 children before Krishna, ganga drowned those children's due to curse.

We at this modern age are still discovering things, and there is a lot to discover. Those people at dwapara and thretha yuga's were lot more advanced and they had strict rules and policies on how to live once life. We didn't knew that there was a nuclear explosion while Mahabharata war, until we got proof of that near kurukshethra, we are not even 1% technologically and spiritually competent to people of those times. they built ramasethu, they built dwarika on sea, they travelled on vimanas ..

What about Parushurama who trained karna, and bheeshma and dronacharya?

What about bheema meeting hanuman and asking for help in war…..?

parushurama was present while seetha swayamvaram and parushurama was still there while mahabharatha…..if you think ramayana happened in recent thretha yuga then you are wrong, vedas clearly mention that in 16th thretha yuga ramayana happened and in recent dwapara yuga mahabharatha happened.

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