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The pages in the current category are some of the encouraging feed-backs I got about the AncientVoice Web site in the form of emails some running into lengthy dialogs. I spent considerable time receiving and answering them. But all the information generated in these emails are locked up inside them. I thought to make it useful for the general research community, so that the time I spent on it will be useful for more than just two people who are communicating (me and the other person). These contain a wealth of information, naturally emerged during the process of dialogs. It will help to answer similar questions somebody else may have. I can also avoid repeating what I told once. Being myself a researcher who unearth information from the ancient dialogs recorded in the epics and other ancient scriptures, I hope this will be useful for the general research community.

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Amal Bhakta is a Vaishnava Devotee and also a researcher on Mahabharata who use his research to write books on the life of Krishna.

Satasringa to Hastinapura Distance

Amal Bhakta

to me
Dear Mr. Ravi,

Thank you for the reasearch you have done on Mahabharata. Some time ago I authored the books Mystical Stories from the Mahabharata and Mystical Stories from the Bhagavatam (both published by Torchlight Publishing). I am presently at work on a three-volume novelization of the Mahabharata and would like to know the approximate mileage from the Satasringa Mountains to Hastinapura (the journey by Kunti and her sons). I could not find, on the map you displayed online, a scale/mileage rule to calculate it. I also need to know the mileage between Hastinapura and Varanavata, and Hastinapura and Pramanakoti. Do you have an online link to the complete map of ancient India that you used for your articles and which would show the scale/mileage (or km), that would enable me to calculate mileages?

Thank you for whatever assistance you may render, and I wish you the best of success in your ongoing research and assistance.


Jijith Nadumuri Ravi

to Amal
Dear Amal

The distance from the location were Kunti and the infant Pandavas lived in Satasringa towards Hastinapura is around 120 km (4 km / hr; 10 hr / day:- 40 km/ day:- 3 days walk). Satasringa was a long chain of mountains. Hastinapura to Pramanakoti is around 56 km (40 km / hr:- around 1.5 hr travel by chariot) and Hastinapura to Varanavata around 120 km (40 km / hr:- around 3 hr by chariot) based on the locations I have arrived at and depending on my analysis. Please note that for Varanavata there are alternate locations identified by other researchers, as I have explained in the article.

The map scale is 10 km / cm at a screen-resolution of 1280x768.

Below are links to the maps of Ancient India I have created some years back which could be useful:- (Kingdom Level) (City Level)

I have published these to Wikipedia as well. Many other sites dealing with ancient India too show these as per the licenses I have provided for these maps.

I am working on developing an ancient-map with resolution and size bigger than the above ones. It is not complete yet. I am not aware of any other similar maps available in public domain.

Thanks for giving an opportunity to help you.

Email IDs, telephone numbers, passwords and other sensitive information are withdrawn. Some of these emails are short appreciations; some are lengthy dialogs on topics as wide as Astras (celestial weapons) and Apsaras (celestial dancers). Some participants stopped communications once they got all the relevant information and some others continue to encourage me, giving the energies to do my research works. Some participants gave me books authored by them, as gifts. Some others helped me in my career. I thank all of them for their appreciation and participation and their continued patronage of this web-site.

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