The pages in the current category are some of the encouraging feed-backs I got about the AncientVoice Web site in the form of emails some running into lengthy dialogs. I spent considerable time receiving and answering them. But all the information generated in these emails are locked up inside them. I thought to make it useful for the general research community, so that the time I spent on it will be useful for more than just two people who are communicating (me and the other person). These contain a wealth of information, naturally emerged during the process of dialogs. It will help to answer similar questions somebody else may have. I can also avoid repeating what I told once. Being myself a researcher who unearth information from the ancient dialogs recorded in the epics and other ancient scriptures, I hope this will be useful for the general research community.

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Email IDs, telephone numbers, passwords and other sensitive information are withdrawn. Some of these emails are short appreciations; some are lengthy dialogs on topics as wide as Astras (celestial weapons) and Apsaras (celestial dancers). Some participants stopped communications once they got all the relevant information and some others continue to encourage me, giving the energies to do my research works. Some participants gave me books authored by them, as gifts. Some others helped me in my career. I thank all of them for their appreciation and participation and their continued patronage of this web-site.

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