Charmanwati (Chambal) is a river found mention in Mahabharata. It is the tributary of Ganga and lied close to river Saraswati in the west. When the river Saraswati dried up due to tectonic movements, the settlements from Saraswati moved to Dhrisadwati. The famous Matsya kingdom was one such kingdoms that shifted from the banks of Saraswati to the banks of Charmanwati. During the period of the Pandavas it was ruled by king Virata. The kingdoms Nishadha also lied on the banks of Charmanwati which derive its name and origin from the Nishada kingdom that lied close to Saraswati.

The river Charmanwati also was known as Chambal which is its current name. The name Chambal in some Indian languages like Telugu means fish, thus linking this river with the Matsya (meaning fish) tribe.

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