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avs.1.7 [0100702] O Jatavedas, Lord Supreme, controller of our bodies, taste The butter, Agni, taste the oil: make thou the Yatudhanas mourn.
avs.1.7 [0100703] Let Yatudhanas mourn, let all greedy Kimidins weep and wail: And, Agni, Indra, may ye both accept this sacrifice of ours. [p. a8]
avs.1.7 Viewer of men, tell us the Yatudhanas.
avs.1.7 [0100706] O Jatavedas, seize, on them: for our advantage art thou born: Agni, be thou our messenger and make the Yatudhanas wail.
avs.1.7 [0100707] O Agni, bring thou hitherward the Yatudhanas bound and chained.
avs.1.8 [0100801] This sacrifice shall bring the Yatudhanas as the flood brings foam: [p. a9] Here let the doer of this deed woman or man, acknowledge it.
avs.1.28 [0102801] God Agni hath come forth to us, fiend slayer, chaser of disease, Burning the Yatudhanas up, Kimidins, and deceitful ones.
avs.1.28 [0102802] Consume the Yatudhanas, God! meet the Kimidins with thy flame: Burn up the Yatudhanis as they face thee, thou whose path is black!
avs.4.20 [0402006] Make me see Yatudhanas, make thou Yatudhanis visible.
avs.5.14 [0501402] Beat thou the Yatudhanas back, drive thou away the sorcerer; And chase afar, O Plant, the man who fain would do us injury.
avs.5.29 [0502911] Thou, Agni, ever slayest Yatudhanas, the fiends have never con quered thee in battles.
avs.6.32 [0603202] Let Rudra break your necks, O ye Pisachas, and split your ribs asunder, Yatudhanas! Your herb of universal power with Yama hath allied itself.
avs.8.3 [0800306] Bending thy shafts through sacrifices, Agni! dipping thine arrows in the hymn to point them, Pierce to the heart therewith the Yatudhanas, and break their arms uplifted to attack thee.
avs.8.3 [0800312] Agni, what curse the pair this day may utter, what rude rough word the worshippers have spoken, Each arrowy taunt sped from the angry spirit, pierce to the heart therewith the Yatudhanas.
avs.10.5 [1000548] What curse soever couples launch against us, whatever bitter speech the chatterers utter, With Manyu s arrow, offspring of the spirit, transfix thou to the heart the Yatudhanas,
avs.10.5 [1000549] Destroy the Yatudhanas with thy fervour, consume the demons with thy wrath, O Agni.
avs.20.107 [2010707] Therefore in thee too, thou who winnest riches, at every banquet are the sages joyful With mighter power, bold God, extend thy firmness: let not malignant Yatudhanas harm thee.

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