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avs.2.31 [0203105] Worms that are found on mountains, in the forests, that live in plants, in cattle, in the waters, Those that have made their way within our bodies, these I destroy, the worms whole generation.
avs.2.32 The Worms that live within the cow.
avs.2.32 [0203203] Like Atri I destroy you, Worms! in Kanva s, Jamadagni s way: I bray and bruise the creeping things to pieces with Agastya s* spell.
avs.2.32 [0203204] Slain is the sovran of these Worms, yea, their controlling lord is slain: Slain is the Worm, his mother slain, brother and sister both are slain.
avs.2.32 [0203205] Slain are his ministers, and slain his followers and retinue: Yes, those that seemed the tiniest things, the Worms have all been put to death.
avs.5.23 [0502304] Worms that are white about the sides, those that are black with black hued arms, All that show various tints and hues, these worms we utterly destroy.

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