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avs.2.2 [0200201] Lord of the World, divine Gandharva, only he should be honoured in the Tribes and worshipped.
avs.2.2 Lord of the World, may the Gandharva bless us, the friendly God who only must be worshipped.
avs.4.35 [0403502] Whereby the World Creators vanquished Mrityu, that which they found by fervour, toil and trouble, That which prayer first made ready for the Brahman, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu.
avs.10.7 [1000726] Where Skambha generating gave the Ancient World its shape and form, They recognized that single part of Skambha as the Ancient World,
avs.11.1 Let the Seven Rishis, World creators, rub thee into existence here with gift of offspring.
avs.18.4 World makers, makers of the path we worship you of the Gods who here partake oblations.
avs.18.4 [1800424] Here, mixt with cake and water rest the Charu! World makers, makers of the path, we worship those Gods of you who here partake oblations.
avs.19.16 Our shield on all sides be the World Creators!
avs.19.20 [1902002] All that the World s Lord made, all that for creatures Prajapati and Matarisvan fashioned, All things within the quarters and their spaces, let all these be my manifold defences.

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