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avs.3.7 [0300705] Water, indeed, hath power to heal, Water drives malady away.
avs.3.12 [0301209] Water that kills Consumption, free from all Consumption, here I bring.
avs.3.13 [0301302] As driven forth by Varuna ye swiftly urged your rolling waves, There Indra reached you as you flowed; hence ye are still the Water floods.
avs.3.13 [0301304] One only God set foot on you flowing according to your will, [p. a81] The mighty ones breathed upward fast: hence; Water is the name they bear.
avs.3.13 [0301205] Water is good, water indeed is fatness.
avs.3.26 [0302603] Ye Gods who dwell within this westward region, whose name is Radiant, Water forms your arrows.
avs.9.3 [0900322] Turned to thee, House! I come to thee, innocent, turned to welcome me: For Fire and Water are within, the first chief door of sacrifice.
avs.9.3 [0900323] Water that kills Consumption, free from all Consumption, here I bring.
avs.10.5 [1000550] Well skilled, against this man I hurl the Water s bolt with four spikes, to cleave his head asunder.
avs.10.10 [1001003] I know the Seven Water floods, I know the seven distances, I know the head of sacrifice, and Soma shining bright in her.
avs.10.10 One fourth is Water, one fourth life eternal, one fourth is sacri fice, one fourth are cattle.
avs.11.5 The Water s lights move separate in the rain cloud, Man, rain, and water are their molten butter.
avs.19.2 Sweet be swift running Waters, sweet to thee be Water of the Rains. [p. 212]
avs.19.33 [1903301] Hundred stemmed, succulent, and worth a thousand, the Royal Rite of plants, the Water s Agni, Let this same Darbha guard us from all quarters.

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