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avs.6.38 [0603803] Might in car, axles, in the strong bull s courage, in Varuna s breath, in Vata, in Parjanya, In Warrior, in the war drum stretched for battle, in the man s roar and in the horse s mettle, May the blest Goddess who gave birth to Indra come unto us conjoined with strength and vigour.
avs.8.4 [0800413] Never doth Soma aid and guide the wicked or him who falsely claims the Warrior s title.
avs.18.1 As Priest he calls aloud, as Warrior shows his skill, as Asura tries his strength, and with the hymn is stirred.
avs.20.30 [2003001] In the great synod will I laud thy two bay steeds: I prize the sweet strong drink of thee the Warrior God, His who pours lovely oil asit were with yellow drops.
avs.20.60 [2006001] For so thou art the hero s Friend, a Warrior too art thou, and strong: So may thy heart be won to us.

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