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avs.2.34 [0203403] Those who are looking, deep in meditation, on the bound ani mal with eye and spirit To them, the first, may Agni, God, give freedom, rejoicing in his creatures, Visvakarman.
avs.2.35 [0203501] We who enjoying it have grown no richer, for whom the sacred altar fires have sorrowed, We who compounded with deficient worship, may Visvakarman make our service prosper.
avs.2.35 Those drops of meath whereof the missed enjoyment, may Visvakarman with those drops unite us.
avs.2.35 [0203503] Regarding niggard churls as Soma drinkers, skilful in sacrifice, weak at the meeting, Whatever sin the captive hath committed, do thou for weal release him, Visvakarman!
avs.2.35 [0203504] Awful are Rishis: unto them be homage, and to their eye and truthfulness of spirit! Loud homage to Brihaspati, O mighty! Homage to thee, O Visvakarman! Guard us.
avs.2.35 To this our sacrifice wrought by Visvakarman may the Gods come gracious and kindly hearted.
avs.6.122 [0612201] This portion I who understand deliver to Visvakarman first born son of Order.
avs.12.1 [1200160] Whom Visvakarman with oblation followed, when she was set in mid air s billowy ocean A useful vessel, hid, when, for enjoyment, she was made mani fest to those with mothers.
avs.13.1 [1300114] Rohita ordered sacrifice for Visvakarman: thence have I obta ined this strength and energy.
avs.19.17 [1901707] May Visvakarman with the Seven Rishis be my protector from the northern region.
avs.19.18 [1901807] Let those who from the north side vex me, sinners, praise Visvakarman with the Seven Rishis.
avs.19.58 To this our sacrifice, wrought by Visvakarman, may the Gods come gracious and kindly hearted.

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