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avs.4.34 Glorification of the Vishtari sacrifice
avs.4.34 [0403401] The head of this is prayer, its back the Brihat, Odanas s belly is the Vamadevya; Its face reality, its sides the metre, Vishtari sacrifice produced from fervour.
avs.4.34 [0403403] Never doth want or evil fortune visit those who prepare oblation called Vishtari.
avs.4.34 [0403404] Yama robs not of generative vigour the men who dress oblation called Vishtari.
avs.4.34 [0403405] Strongest is this, performed, of sacrifices: he hath reached heaven who hath prepared Vishtari.
avs.4.34 [0403408] I part this Odana among the Brahmans, Vishtari, conquering worlds and reaching heaven.

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