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avs.1.16 [0101603] This overcomes Vishkandha, this drives the voracious fiends away: By means of this have I, overthrown all the Pisachi s demon brood.
avs.2.4 We wear Vishkandha s antidote, the Amulet of Jangida.
avs.2.4 From Jambha, and from Viara, Vishkandha, and tormenting pain.
avs.2.4 [0200403] This overcomes Vishkandha, this chases the greedy fiends away: May this our panacea, may Jangida save us from distress.
avs.2.4 [0200404] With Jangida that brings delight, Amulet given by the Gods, We in the conflict overcome Vishkandha and all Rakshasas.
avs.2.4 [0200405] May Cannabis and Jangida preserve me from Vishkandha, that Brought to us from the forest, this sprung from the saps of husbandry.
avs.3.9 I make Vishkandha impotent as one emasculateth bulls.
avs.3.9 Vishkandha quelling Amulet.
avs.4.9 [0400905] No imprecation reaches him, no magic, no tormenting fiend, O Salve, Vishkandha seizes not the man who carries thee about.
avs.19.34 Wherewith he quells Vishkandha and Sanskandha, might by greater might.
avs.19.35 Which in the earliest time Gods made a remedy, Vishkandha s cure.

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