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avs.2.10 [0201004] These Goddesses, four regions of the heavens, on whom the Sun looks kindly, wives of Vata From family sickness, kinsmen s curse, Destruction, from Druh, from Varuna s noose I thus release thee.
avs.2.12 [0201201] The spacious Firmament, and Earth and Heaven, the Field s Queen, and the wonderful Wide Strider, Yea, the broad middle air which Vata guardeth, may these now burn with heat while I am burning.
avs.3.1 With Agni s, Vata s furious rush drive them away to every side.
avs.3.2 With Agni s, Vata s furious rush drive them to every side away.
avs.3.20 [0302007] Urge Aryaman to send us gifts, and Indra, and Brihaspati, Vata, Vishnu, Sarasvati, and the strong courser Savitar.
avs.3.21 [0302110] The mountains where the Soma grows, the waters lying calm and still, Vata, Parjanya, Agni s self have made the Flesh consumer rest.
avs.3.26 [0302604] Ye Gods who dwell within this northward region, whose name is Piercers, Vata forms your arrows.
avs.5.9 [0500907] Mine eye is Siirya and my breath is Vata, Air is my soul and Prithivi my body.
avs.6.38 [0603803] Might in car, axles, in the strong bull s courage, in Varuna s breath, in Vata, in Parjanya, In Warrior, in the war drum stretched for battle, in the man s roar and in the horse s mettle, May the blest Goddess who gave birth to Indra come unto us conjoined with strength and vigour.
avs.6.93 May Vata s and Parjanya s favour bless us.
avs.9.2 [0900224] Not even Vata is the peer of Kama, not Agni, Chandramas the Moon, nor Surya.
avs.9.4 Vata, the God, receives the tail: he stirs the plants and herbs therewith, [0900414] To Surya they assigned the skin, to Sinivali inward parts. [p. a367] The Slaughterer hath the feet, they said, when they distributed the Bull.
avs.10.4 [1000416] Indra, Mitra and Varuna, and Vata and Parjanya both have given the serpent up to me.
avs.11.3 Diti is the winnowing basket, Aditi is she who holds it, Vata is the sifter.
avs.11.6 [1100606] Vata, Parjanya we address, the Quarters, and the Firmament, And all the Regions of the sky: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.19.10 Favour us noble actions of the pious; impetuous Vata blow on, us with favour!

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