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avs.4.34 [0403401] The head of this is prayer, its back the Brihat, Odanas s belly is the Vamadevya; Its face reality, its sides the metre, Vishtari sacrifice produced from fervour.
avs.8.10 [0801013] Two teats she had, Rathantara and Brihat, two, Yajnayajniya and Vamadevya.
avs.8.10 [0801015] They drew the Waters forth with Vamadevya, with Yajnayajniya they milked out worship.
avs.8.10 [0801017] Waters from Vamadevya come, from Yajnayajniya sacrifice.
avs.15.2 Yajnayajniya and Vamadevya and Sacrifice and Sacrificer and sacrificial victims followed him.
avs.15.2 The man who reviles the Vratya possessing this knowledge is alienated from Yajnayajniya and Vamadevya, Sacrifice, Sacrificer and sacrificial victims.
avs.15.3 [1500305] Brihat and Rathantara were the two long boards, Yajnayajniya and Vamadevya the two cross boards.
avs.15.4 For him they made the two Summer months pro tectors from the southern region, and Yajnayajniya and Vamadevya superintendents.

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