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avs.5.1 A glorification of Trita and Varuna
avs.5.1 [0500101] He who with special plans and deathless spirit, waxing, well born, hath come unto his birth place, As he who shines upholds the days, thus Trita, of pure life, bears the Three as their supporter.
avs.6.113 [0611301] This sin the Gods wiped off and laid on Trita, and Trita wiped it off on human beings.
avs.6.113 [0611303] Stored in twelve separate places lies what Trita hath wiped away, the sins of human beings.
avs.17.1 [1700115] Round Trita, round the spring with thousand currents thou goest, round the light finding assembly.
avs.19.56 Urged by command of Varuna the Adityas, Heroes, transported Sleep to Trita Aptya.
avs.20.111 [2011101] If, Indra, thou drink Soma by Vishnu s or Trita Aptya s side, Or with the Maruts take delight in flowing drops;

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