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avs.2.2 [0200201] Lord of the World, divine Gandharva, only he should be honoured in the Tribes and worshipped.
avs.3.20 Enrich us, Sovran of the Tribes! Thou art the giver of our wealth.
avs.4.23 [0402301] I fix my heart on wise and ancient Agni, the Five Tribes Lord, in many a place enkindled.
avs.10.2 [1000222] Through whom doth he abide with Gods? Through whom with the Celestial Tribes? Why is this other called a star? Why is this called the Real Power?
avs.10.2 [1000223] Brahma inhabits with the Gods, Brahma among the Heavenly Tribes.
avs.20.139 [2013902] All manliness that is in heaven, with the Five Tribes, or in mid air, Bestow, ye Asvins, upon us.

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