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avs.1.13 [0101301] Homage to thee, the Lightning s flash, homage to thee, the Thunder s roar! Homage to thee, the Stone which thou hurlest against the undevout!
avs.6.126 [0612602] Thunder out strength and fill us full of vigour, yea, thunder forth and drive away misfortunes.
avs.6.135 [0613501] Whatever I eat I turn to strength, and thus I grasp the Thunder bolt, Rending the shoulders of that man as Indra shattered Vritra s neck.
avs.20.20 [2002004] Come to us either from anear, or, Sakra, come from far away. [p. 280] Indra, wherever be thy home, come to us thence, O Thunder armed.
avs.20.22 [2002206] For Indra, Thunder armed, the kine have yielded mingled milk and meath, What time he found them in the vault.
avs.20.23 [2002301] Invoked to drink the Soma juice come with thy bay steeds, Thunder armed! Come, Indra, hitherward, to me.
avs.20.37 [2003705] These were thy mighty powers that, Thunder wielder! then swiftly crushedst nine and ninety castles. [p. 298] Thou capturedst the hundredth in thine onslaught; thou slewest Namuchi, thou slewest Vritra.
avs.20.38 [2003805] Indra hath ever close to him his two bay steeds and word yoked: car, Indra, the golden, Thunder armed.
avs.20.70 [2007008] Indra hath ever close to him his two bay steeds and word yoked car, Indra the golden, Thunder armed.
avs.20.70 [2007019] Aided by thee, the Thunder armed, Indra; may we lit up the bolt, And conquer all our foes in fight.
avs.20.72 As thou, O Indra Thunder armed, wilt, as the Strong One, slay the foe, Listen, thou to the prayer of me a later sage, hear thou a later sage s prayer.
avs.20.97 [2009701] Here verily yesterday we let the Thunder wielder drink his fill.
avs.20.116 We, Thunder wielding Indra, count ourselves as trees rejected and unfit to burn.
avs.20.137 [2013711] So, Thunder armed! thou with thy bolt of thunder didst boldly smite that power which none might equal; With weapons broughtest low the might of Sushna, and, Indra, foundest by thy strength the cattle.

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