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avs.3.20 [0302003] Let Aryaman vouchsafe us, wealth, and Bhaga, and Brihaspati, The Goddesses grant wealth to us, Sunrita, Goddess, give me wealth!
avs.6.62 [0606202] Lay hold on Sunrita whose forms and regions have fair smooth backs, her who is all men s treasure.
avs.19.7 [1900702] Krittikas, Rohini be swift to hear me! Let Mrigasiras bless me, help me Ardra! Punarvasu and Sunrita, fair Pushya, the Sun, Asleshas, Magha lead me onward! [1900703] My bliss be Svati and benignant Chitra, my right First Phalgunis [p. 217] and present Hasta.

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