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avs.4.20 [0402004] The God who hath a thousand eyes give me this Plant in my right hand! I look on every one therewith, each Sudra and each Aryan man.
avs.4.20 I look on every one with this, Sudra and Aryan man alike.
avs.10.1 [1000103] Made by a Sudra or a Prince, by priests or women let her go.
avs.19.6 His waist became the Vaisya, from his feet the Sudra was produced.
avs.19.32 [1903208] Do thou, O Darbha, make me dear to Brahman and Rajanya, dear to Sudra, and to Arya dear, Yea, dear to every man we love, to every man with eyes to see.
avs.19.62 [1906201] Make me beloved among the Gods, beloved among the Princes, make Me dear to everyone who sees, to Sudra and to Aryan man.

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