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avs.1.13 [0101301] Homage to thee, the Lightning s flash, homage to thee, the Thunder s roar! Homage to thee, the Stone which thou hurlest against the undevout!
avs.1.26 [0102601] Let that Destructive Weapon be far distant from us, O ye Gods; far be the Stone ye wont to hurl.
avs.6.3 [0600302] May Heaven and Earth take care of us for victory, may Pressing Stone and Soma save us from distress.
avs.20.57 Indra, wherever be thy home, come thence, O Caster of the Stone. [p. 311]
avs.20.61 [2006101] We sing this strong and wild delight of thine which conquers in the fray, Which, Caster of the Stone, gives room and shine like gold.
avs.20.98 [2009802] As such, O Wonderful whose hand holds thunder, praised as mighty, Caster of the Stone.

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