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avs.6.55 [0605502] Maintain us in well being Summer, Winter Dew time and Spring, Autumn, and Rainy Season Give us our share of cattle and of Children.
avs.6.142 [0614201] Spring high, O Barley, and become much through thine own magnificence: [p. a269] Burst all the vessels; let the bolt from heaven forbear to strike thee down.
avs.8.2 [0800222] To Autumn we deliver thee, to Winter, Spring and Summer s care.
avs.15.3 [1500304] Two of its feet were Summer and Spring, and two were Autumn and the Rains.
avs.15.4 [1500401] For him they made the two Spring months protectors from the eastern region, and Brihat and Rathantara superintendents.
avs.15.4 The two Spring months protect from the eastern region, and Brihat and Rathantara superintend, the man who possesses this knowledge.
avs.19.6 Spring was the butter, summer was the fuel, autumn was the gift.

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