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avs.3.4 [0300405] Speed to us hither from the farthest distance.
avs.5.6 [0500604] Speed forward, conquering all foes, to win the spoil, Thou comest on thy haters with a surging sea.
avs.10.1 Speed back again, thou evil one.
avs.10.6 Speed to preeminence him to whom I have attached thy happy fate.
avs.20.76 [2007603] What was the gladdening draught that pleased thee, Indra? Speed to our doors, our songs, for thou art mighty.
avs.20.76 [2007605] Speed happily those, as Surya ends his journey, who meet his wish as bridegrooms meet their spouses; Men who support, O Indra strong by nature, with food the many songs that tell thy praises. [p. 327]

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