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avs.5.10 [0501008] With Brihat I invoke the mind, with Matarisvan both the breaths, The eye from Surya, and the ear from Air, the body from the Earth. [p. a166] We, with Sarasvati who suits the mind, call Speech to come to us.
avs.7.1 [0700101] They who by thought have guided all that Speech hath best, or they who with their heart have uttered words of truth, Made stronger by the strength which the third prayer bestows, have by the fourth prayer learned the nature of the Cow.
avs.9.10 [0901013] I bid thee tell me earth s extremest limit, about the Stallion s genial flow I ask thee; I ask about the universe s centre, and touching highest heaven where Speech abideth.
avs.9.10 [0901014] The earth s most distant limit is this altar: this Soma is the Stallion s genial humour; This sacrifice the universe s centre: this Brahman highest heaven where Speech abideth.
avs.9.10 When the first born of holy Law approached me, then of this Speech I first obtain a portion.
avs.9.10 [0901024] Viraj is Speech, and Earth, and Air s mid region.
avs.9.10 [0901027] Speech hath been measured out in four divisions: the Brahmans who have wisdom comprehend them.
avs.9.10 Of Speech men speak the fourth division only.
avs.10.2 [1000207] He set within the jaws the tongue that reaches far, and thereon placed Speech the mighty Goddess.
avs.16.6 [1600605] May the Goddess Dawn in accord with Speech, and the Goddess Speech in accord with Dawn,
avs.16.6 [1600606] The Lord of Dawn in accord with the Lord of Speech and the Lord of Speech in accord with the Lord of Dawn,
avs.20.137 The Lord of Speech exerts himself, ruler of all, because of might.
avs.20.142 [2014201] Together with the Goddess, with the Asvins Speech have I awoke.

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