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avs.3.20 Enrich us, Sovran of the Tribes! Thou art the giver of our wealth.
avs.7.83 Thence let the Sovran who maintains the statutes loose all bind ing cords.
avs.10.1 [1000122] May Soma, gracious friend, imperial Sovran, and the world s Masters look on us with favour.
avs.11.4 [1100401] Homage to Prana, him who hath dominion over the universe, Who hath become the Sovran Lord of all, on whom the whole depends!
avs.13.4 Calling thee Master, Sovran Chief, we pay our reverence to thee.
avs.17.1 [1700122] Glory to him when rising, when ascending! Glory to him when he hath reached the zenith! To him far shining, him the self refulgent, to him the Sovran Lord and King be glory!
avs.17.1 [1700123] Worship to him when he is turning westward, to him when set ting, and when set be worship! To him far shining, him the self refulgent, to him the Sovran Lord and King be glory!
avs.18.1 [1800140] Sing praise to him the chariot borne, the famous, Sovran of men, the dread and strong destroyer.
avs.19.46 [1904604] Around thy limbs I place the mail of Indra who hath become the Gods imperial Sovran.
avs.20.35 Indra whom all men praise, the Sovran Ruler, waxed in his home loud voiced and strong for battle.
avs.20.44 [2004401] Praise Indra whom our songs must laud, great Sovran of man kind, the Chief Most liberal who controlleth men.
avs.20.73 [2007304] When, with the Princes, Maghavan, famed of old, comes nigh the thunderbolt of gold and the Controller s car Which his two tawny coursers draw, then Indra is the Sovran Lord of power whose fame spreads far and wide.
avs.20.93 [2009303] Thou art the Lord of Soma pressed, Soma unpressed is also thine, Thou art the Sovran of the folk.
avs.20.94 [2009401] May Sovran Indra come to the carousal, he who by holy Law is strong and active.

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