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avs.7.54 [0705401] We worship holy Verse and Song, by which they carry out their acts, Shining in order s seat these twain present the sacrifice to Gods.
avs.7.54 [0705402] As I have asked about Verse, Song, Sacrifice, strength, force,.
avs.10.8 Those who by Song discovered Song where did the Unborn see that thing?
avs.11.7 [1100705] Verse, Song, and Sacrificial Text, chanting, the prelude, and the laud, The hum is in the Residue, the tone, the murmur of the psalm.
avs.20.23 [2002304] O Vritra slayer, be thou pleased with these libations, with these hymns, Song loving Indra, with our lauds.
avs.20.48 [2004806] Song is bestowed upon the Bird.
avs.20.100 [2010001] Now have we, Indra, Friend of Song, sent our great wishes forth to thee.

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