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avs.2.1 [0200104] I have gone forth around the earth and heaven, I have approached the first born Son of Order.
avs.6.1 [0600102] Yea, praise him whose home is in the river, Son of Truth, the youthful, gracious friend whose word is guileless.
avs.12.1 Prajapati, the first born Son of Order, supplieth thee with what soever thou lackest.
avs.13.2 [1300237] Him, Son of Aditi, an Eagle hasting along heaven s height, I supplicate in terror, As such prolong our lengthened life, O Surya: may we, unha rmed, enjoy thy gracious favour.
avs.13.3 [1300326] Born is the darksome Mother s Son, the whitely shining Calf of Night.
avs.18.1 [1800118] The Bull hath yielded for the Bull the milk of heaven: inviolable is the Son of Aditi.
avs.18.1 [1800124] Far famed is he, the mortal man, O Agni thou Son of strength, who hath obtained thy favour.
avs.20.22 [2002204] Praise, even as he is known, with song Indra, the guardian of the kine, The Son of Truth, Lord of the brave.
avs.20.67 [2006703] I think on Agni, Hotar, the munificent, the gracious Son of strength, who knoweth all that live, as holy Sage who knoweth all.
avs.20.90 [2009001] Served with oblations, first born, mountain render, Angiras Son, Brihaspati the holy.
avs.20.92 [2009201] Praise, even as he is known, with song Indra the guardian of the kine, The Son of Truth, Lord of the brave.
avs.20.103 [2010303] For unto thee, O Angiras, O Son of Strength, move ladles in the sacrifice, To Agni, Child of Force, whose locks drop oil, we seek, fore most in sacrificial rites.
avs.20.104 We claim alliance with the very Glorious One, yea, with the mighty Son of Strength.
avs.20.138 [2013802] When the priests, strengthening the Son of holy Law, present their gifts, Singers with Order s hymn of praise.

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