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avs.20.17 The man in whose libations Sakra hath delight by means of potent Somas vanquisheth his foes.
avs.20.17 [2001707] As waters flow together to the river, thus Somas to Indra flow, as rivulets to the lake.
avs.20.24 [2002405] Indra, these Somas are expressed, Take them within thy belly, Lord Of Hundred Powers, thou Prince of wealth.
avs.20.69 [2006903] Nigh to the Soma drinker come, for his enjoyment, these bright drops, The Somas mingled with the curd.
avs.20.69 [2006905] O Indra, lover of the song, may these quick Somas enter thee: May they bring bliss to thee the Sage.
avs.20.76 Here for thy choice are Somas mixed with butter: may the sweet meath be pleasant for thy drinking.
avs.20.89 [2008905] Whoso with plenteous juice for him expresses strong Somas as much quickly coming treasure, For him he everthrows in early morning his swift well weapon ed foes and slays the tyrant.
avs.20.89 [2008908] Indra the swallower of strong libations with their thick residue, the potent Somas, He, Maghavan, will not restrict his bounty: he brings much wealth unto the Soma presser.
avs.20.137 [2013704] The Somas very rich in sweets, for which the sieve is destined, flow, Effused, the source of Indra s joy.

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