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avs.1.6 [0100602] Within the Waters Soma thus hath told me dwell all balms that heal, And Agni, he who blesseth all.
avs.1.8 To Indra, Brihaspati, Soma and Agni, for the destruction of sorcerers
avs.1.8 Master him thou, Brihaspati; Agni and Soma, pierce him through.
avs.1.8 [0100803] O Soma drinker, strike and bring the Yatudhana s progeny: Make the confessing sinner s eyes fall from his head, both right and left.
avs.1.20 A prayer to Soma, the Maruts, Mitra, and Varuna, for protection
avs.1.20 [0102001] May it glide harmless by in this our sacrifice, O Soma, God! Maruts, be gracious unto us.
avs.1.21 [0102101] Lord of the clans, giver of bliss, fiend slayer, mighty over the foe, May Indra, Soma drinker, go before us, Bull, who brings us peace.
avs.1.29 [0102903] Soma and Savitar the God have strengthened and exalted thee: All elements have aided thee, to make thee general conqueror.
avs.2.5 Like Bhrigu he cleft Vala through, and quelled his foes in Soma s rapturous joy.
avs.2.5 [0200507] Impetuous as a bull he chose the Soma, and quaffed the juices in three sacred beakers. [p. a38] Maghavan grasped the thunder for his weapon, and smote to death this first born of the dragons.
avs.2.10 [0201002] Gracious to thee be Agni with the Waters, let Soma with the Plants be kind and bless thee.
avs.2.12 [0201203] Hear this my call, O Indra, Soma drinker, as with a burning heart I oft invoke thee.
avs.2.12 Angirases, Fathers worthy of the Soma! woe fall on him who, caused the hateful outrage!
avs.2.13 The garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King, to w rap about him.
avs.2.35 [0203503] Regarding niggard churls as Soma drinkers, skilful in sacrifice, weak at the meeting, Whatever sin the captive hath committed, do thou for weal release him, Visvakarman!
avs.2.36 [0203602] As bliss beloved by Soma, dear to Prayer, and stored by Arya man, With the God Dhatar s truthfulness I work the bridal oracle.
avs.2.36 Then verily King Soma makes her happy.
avs.3.3 [0300303] King Varuna call thee hither from the waters! From hills and mountains Soma call thee hither! Let Indra call thee hither to these people.
avs.3.5 [0300504] As Indra s gift, by Varuna instructed, Parna hath come, the mighty strength of Soma: This would I, brightly shining, love and cherish for long life lasting through a hundred autumns.
avs.3.8 [0300803] Soma I call, and Savitar with homage, and all the Adityas in the time of contest. [p. a74] Long may this fire send forth its splendour, lighted by kinsmen uttering no word against me.
avs.3.10 [0301013] Indra s and Soma s mother! thou art daughter of Prajapati.
avs.3.13 Agni and Soma, truly, both bring water.
avs.3.14 [0301403] Moving together, free from fear, with plenteous droppings in this pen, Bearing sweet milk like Soma juice, come hither free from all disease.
avs.3.15 [0301506] The wealth wherewith I carry on my traffic, seeking, ye Gods! wealth with the wealth I offer, Herein may Indra, Savitar, and Soma, Prajapati, and Agni give me splendour.
avs.3.16 [0301601] Agni at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna and Mitra, and the Asvins twain: Bhaga at dawn, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, and Rudra we invoke at dawn.
avs.3.20 [0302004] We call King Soma to our aid, and Agni with our songs and.
avs.3.21 [0302102] That which abides in Soma and in cattle, that which lies deep in birds and sylvan creatures, That which hath entered quadrupeds and bipeds to all these Fires be this oblation offered.
avs.3.21 [0302106] To him who feeds on ox and cow, sage, bearing Soma on his back, To all Vaisvanara s followers to these be this oblation paid.
avs.3.21 [0302110] The mountains where the Soma grows, the waters lying calm and still, Vata, Parjanya, Agni s self have made the Flesh consumer rest.
avs.3.27 [0302704] Soma is ruler of the Northern region, Svaja the warder, lightn ing s flash the arrows.
avs.4.2 Indra s and Soma s child, thou art Atharvan s tiger crushing charm.
avs.4.3 Indra s and Soma s child, thou art Atharvan s tiger crushing charm.
avs.4.6 First drinker of the Soma, he made poison ineffectual.
avs.4.10 [0401006] Peerless amid golden ornaments art thou: from Soma wast thou born.
avs.4.21 [0402105] To me the Cows seem Bhaga, they seem Indra, they seem a portion of the first poured Soma.
avs.4.24 [0402405] Whose favour those desire who offer Soma, whom, arrow bearer, men invoke in battle, On whom the hymn depends, in whom is power, May he deliver us from grief and trouble.
avs.4.30 [0403006] I cherish and sustain high swelling Soma, and Tvashtar I support, Pashan, and Bhaga.
avs.4.34 He goes unto the Gods, he dwells with Yama, he joys among Gandharvas meet for Soma.
avs.4.40 For harming Soma be they turned and troubled! I smite them backward with mine incantation.
avs.5.3 Let us not lose our children or our bodies: let us not benefit the foe, King Soma!
avs.5.4 [0500407] Thou art descended from thee Gods, Soma s benignant friend art thou, Befriend my breath and vital air be gracious unto this mine eye.
avs.5.6 All hail! With sharpened arms and missiles, kind and friendly, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra!
avs.5.6 All hail! With sharpened arms and missiles, kind and friendly, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra!
avs.5.6 All hail! With sharpened arms and missiles, kind and friendly, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra!
avs.5.7 [0500705] The portion that I crave with speech intelligent and full of power, May faith, presented with the gift of tawny Soma, find to day.
avs.5.17 [0501702] King Soma first of all, without reluctance, made restitution of the Brahman s consort.
avs.5.17 Through him Brihaspati obtained his consort, as the Gods gained the ladle brought by Soma.
avs.5.18 For Soma is akin to him and Indra guards him from the curse.
avs.5.18 [0501814] Agni, in sooth, is called our guide, Soma is called our next of kin.
avs.5.20 As, in the press, the stone to stalks of Soma, thus, Drum! go dancing to our foes possessions.
avs.5.21 King Soma.
avs.5.22 [0502201] Hence, filled with holy strength let Agni, Soma, and Varuna, the Press stone, and the Altar.
avs.5.24 [0502407] May, Soma, Lord of plants and herbs, protect me.
avs.5.25 The Soma drinking Gods have given a son to thee, thy son and mine.
avs.5.26 [0502610] Let Soma in this rite in varied manner All hail! use milk streams, well yoked coursers.
avs.5.28 [0502806] This gold, born threefold at its first production, grew the one thing that Agni loved most dearly: it fell away, one part of injured Soma.
avs.5.29 [0502910] O Agni Jatavedas, slay the bloody Pisacha, flesh devourer, mind destroyer, Strong Indra strike him with his bolt of thunder, courageous Soma cut his head to pieces!
avs.5.29 [0502913] Like as the Soma s tendril, thus, O Jatavedas let him swell, Let him live, Agni I Make him fat, free from consumption, full of sap.
avs.6.2 [0600201] For Indra, ministering priests! run ye and press the Soma juice, That he may hear his praiser s word, and this my call.
avs.6.2 [0600203] For Indra, thunder armed, who drinks the Soma press the Soma out: He, youthful, conqueror, and Lord is praised by all.
avs.6.3 [0600302] May Heaven and Earth take care of us for victory, may Pressing Stone and Soma save us from distress.
avs.6.5 May Soma bless him, and the God here present, Brahmanaspati.
avs.6.6 [0600602] If, Soma, any spiteful man hath aimed at us whose thoughts are kind, Smite with thy bolt upon his face: he, crushed to pieces, vani sheth.
avs.6.6 [0600603] Soma, whoever troubleth us, be he a stranger or akin, Deprive him of the strength he hath: slay him thy self like mighty Dyaus!
avs.6.15 [0601503] As Soma hath been made the best of all oblations amid the plants, So, as Talasa is the queen of trees, may I be chief of all.
avs.6.21 [0602102] Thou art the best of medicines, most excellent of Plants art thou, As Soma amid the wandering stars, as Varuna among the Gods.
avs.6.39 [0603903] Indra was glorious at his birth; Agni, Soma were born renowned.
avs.6.40 May Savitar and Soma send us safety.
avs.6.51 [0605101] Cleansed by the filter of the Wind comes Soma past all our enemies, meet friend of Indra.
avs.6.53 May Agni, Soma mark through this libation: may Vayu, Savitar, and Bhaga guard us.
avs.6.54 [0605402] Confirm the princely power in him, Agni and Soma! grant him wealth.
avs.6.58 [0605803] Indra and Agni were renowned, famous was Soma at his birth; So too am I illustrious, most glorious of all that is.
avs.6.61 My word is truth; what I deny is falsehood, I who rejoice in Agni s, Soma s friendship.
avs.6.68 One minded let Adityas, Rudras, Vasus moisten the hair: shave ye who know King Soma.
avs.6.68 [0606803] The razor used by Savitar, for shaving, who knoweth Varuna and royal Soma, Even with this shave ye this man, O Brahman.
avs.6.73 [0607301] Let Varuna come hither, Soma, Agni, Brihaspati come hither with the Vasus! Unanimous, ye kinsmen, come united, come to the glory of this mighty guardian.
avs.6.87 Soma, and Brahmanaspati here present bless and comfort him!
avs.6.89 [0608901] This strength that Soma hath bestowed, the head of her who gladdeneth, With that which thence hath been produced we make thy spirit sorrowful.
avs.6.93 Pure is the might of Varuna, Agni, Soma.
avs.6.96 [0609601] The many plants of hundred shapes and forms that Soma rules as King, [p. a245] Commanded by Brihaspati, deliver us from grief and woe!
avs.6.96 [0609603] From every fault in look, in word, in spirit that we, awake or sleeping, have committed, May Soma, with his godlike nature, cleanse us.
avs.6.97 [0609701] The sacrifice is victor, Agni victor, victorious is Soma, Indra conquers: So will we bring oblation unto Agni, this sacrifice that I may win all battles.
avs.6.99 O Savitar, thou God, O royal Soma, make thou me pious minded for my welfare.
avs.6.104 [0610403] Indra and Agni bind them fast, Soma the King, and both the Friends! May Indra, girt by Maruts, make a bond to bind our enemies.
avs.7.14 Let him drink Soma and rejoice when worshipped.
avs.7.18 Even for her the waters flow, and fatness: where Soma is even there is bliss for ever.
avs.7.27 She, mighty, Soma decked, whose foot drops fatness, meet for All Gods, hath come to aid our worship.
avs.7.38 [0703803] Thou art the peer of Soma, yea, thou art the equal of the Sun, [p. a285] The peer of all the Gods art thou: therefore we call thee hither ward.
avs.7.42 [0704201] Scatter and drive away, Soma and Rudra, the sickness that hath come within our dwelling, [p. a287] Afar into the distance chase Destruction, and even from commit ted sin release us.
avs.7.42 [0704202] Lay on our bodies, O ye twain, O Soma and Rudra, all those balms that heal diseases.
avs.7.58 [0705801] True to laws, Indra Varuna, drinkers of the juice, quaff this pressed Soma which shall give you rapturous joy! Let sacrifice, your car, to entertain the Gods, approach its rest ing place that they may drink thereof.
avs.7.58 [0705802] O Indra Varuna, drink your fill, ye heroes, of this effectual and sweetest Soma.
avs.7.76 [0707606] Boldly drink Soma from the beaker, Indra! hero in war for treasure! Vritra slayer.
avs.7.81 [0708103] O spray of Soma, Lord of Wars! all perfect verily art thou.
avs.7.94 [0709401] We laid the constant Soma on with constant sacrificial gift, That Indra may make all the tribes unanimous and only ours.
avs.7.97 Knowing the sacrifice, approach the Soma.
avs.7.111 [0711101] Belly of Indra art thou, Soma holder! the very soul of Gods and human beings.
avs.7.114 Let Agni slay the fiendish hags, Soma kill bags who trouble us.
avs.7.118 [0711801] Thy vital parts I cover with thine armour: with immortality King Soma clothe thee! Varuna give thee what is more than ample, and in thy triumph let the Gods be joyful.
avs.8.1 [0800102] Bhaga hath lifted up this man, and Soma with his filaments, Indra and Agni, and the Gods the Maruts, raised him up to health.
avs.8.1 The Plants and Herbs with Soma as their King have rescued thee from Death.
avs.8.4 [0800401] Indra and Soma, burn, destroy the demon foe! Send downward, O ye Bulls, those who add gloom to gloom.
avs.8.4 [0800402] Let sin, Indra and Soma! round the wicked boil, like as a cald ron set amid the flames of fire.
avs.8.4 [0800403] Indra and Soma, plunge the wicked in the depth, yea, cast them into darkness that hath no support, So that not one of them may ever thence return: so may your wrathful might prevail and conquer them.
avs.8.4 [0800404] Indra and Soma, hurl your deadly crushing bolt down on the wicked fiend from heaven and from the earth.
avs.8.4 [0800405] Indra and Soma, cast ye downward from the sky your deadly bolts of stone burning with fiery flame, Eternal, scorching darts.
avs.8.4 [0800406] Indra and Soma, let this hymn control you both, even as the girth encompasses two vigorous steeds The song of praise which I with wisdom offer you.
avs.8.4 Indra and Soma, let the wicked have no bliss whoso at any time attacks and injures us.
avs.8.4 [0800409] Those who destroy, as is their wont, the simple, and with their evil natures harm the righteous, May Soma give them over to the serpent, or to the lap of Nirriti consign them.
avs.8.4 Of these two that which is the true and honest Soma protects, and brings the false to nothing.
avs.8.4 [0800413] Never doth Soma aid and guide the wicked or him who falsely claims the Warrior s title.
avs.8.4 [0800419] Hurl down from heaven thy bolt of stone, O Indra: sharpen it, Maghavan, made keen by Soma.
avs.8.4 Indra and Soma, watch ye well.
avs.8.5 [0800505] This Agni hath declared, Soma declared it, Brihaspati, and Savitar, and Indra.
avs.8.5 [0800522] Lord of the clan who brings, us bliss, fiend slayer, queller of the foe, May he, the conqueror, never subdued, may Indra bind the Charm on thee, [p. a336] Bull, Soma drinker, he who gives us peace.
avs.8.7 [0800720] Asvattha, Darbha, King of Plants, is Soma, deathless sacrifice Barley and Rice are healing balms, the sons of Heaven who never die.
avs.8.9 [0800914] She who was fourth was made by Agni, Soma, and Rishis as.
avs.8.10 King Soma was her calf.
avs.9.1 [0900106] Who understandeth well, who hath perceived it, her heart s un injured Soma holding beaker? Let the wise Brahman priest therein be joyful.
avs.9.1 [0900111] As at the morning sacrifice the Asvins twain love Soma well, Even so may both the Asvins lay splendour and strength within my soul.
avs.9.1 [0900113] As at third sacrifice Soma is the Ribhus well beloved one, Even so may they, the Ribhus, store splendour and strength within my soul.
avs.9.2 [0900213] Agni averts, Indra averts, and Soma: may the averting Gods avert this foeman.
avs.9.3 [0900307] Store house of Soma, Agni s hall, the ladies bower, the resi dence, The seat of Gods art thou, O Goddess House. [p. a363]
avs.9.3 [0900319] May Indra, Agni, deathless Gods, protect the house where Soma dwells, House that was founded with the prayer, built and erected by the wise.
avs.9.4 Sakra elected him, the draught of Soma.
avs.9.4 A beaker filled with Soma juice thou bearest.
avs.9.4 [0900415] They made a jest of kindred s curse: a jar of Soma juice was set, What time the deities, convened, assigned the Bull s divided parts.
avs.9.5 [0900515] Near to thee, Goat! approach these streams of Soma, divine, distilling meath, bedecked with butter! [p. a370] Stay thou the earth and sky and fix them firmly up on the seven rayed pitch and height of heaven.
avs.9.6 [0900606] The libation which they bring; the sacrificial victim dedicated to Agni and Soma which is tied to the post, that, verily, is this man.
avs.9.6 [0900607] When they arrange dwelling rooms they arrange the sacred chamber and the shed for housing the Soma cars.
avs.9.6 [0900614] The grains of rice and barley that are selected are just filaments of the Soma plant.
avs.9.6 [0900615] The pestle and mortar are really the stones of the Soma press.
avs.9.6 [0900616] The winnowing basket is the filter, the chaff the Soma dregs, the water, the pressing gear.
avs.9.6 [0900617] Spoon, ladle, fork, stirring prong are the wooden Soma tubs; the earthen cooking pots are the mortar shaped Soma vessels; this earth is just the black antelope s skin.
avs.9.6 [0900627] The man who supplies food hath always pressing stones adjusted, a wet Soma filter, well prepared religious rites, and mental power to complete the arranged sacrifice.
avs.9.6 [0900651] When the attendants with vessels in their hands, foremost and hindmost, come in, they are just the priests who manage the Soma cups.
avs.9.7 [0900702] King Soma is the brain, Sky is the upper jaw, Earth is the lower jaw.
avs.9.7 [0900722] When he hath got his grass he is King Soma.
avs.9.9 Whatever ye have made, Indra and Soma! steeds draw, as twere, yoked to the region s car pole.
avs.9.10 [0901014] The earth s most distant limit is this altar: this Soma is the Stallion s genial humour; This sacrifice the universe s centre: this Brahman highest heaven where Speech abideth.
avs.10.1 [1000122] May Soma, gracious friend, imperial Sovran, and the world s Masters look on us with favour.
avs.10.2 [1000219] Through whom seeks he Parjanya out, and Soma of the piercing sight? Through whom belief and sacrifice? Through whom was spirit laid in him?
avs.10.3 [1000321] As glory dwelleth in the draught of Soma and the honeyed.
avs.10.4 [1000427] Agni hath found the venom of the serpent, Soma drawn it out.
avs.10.6 This Charm hath Soma put on him for might, for hearing, and for sight.
avs.10.7 [1000736] Homage to highest Brahma, him who, sprung from Fervour and from toil, Filled all the worlds completely, who made Soma for himself alone.
avs.10.10 [1001003] I know the Seven Water floods, I know the seven distances, I know the head of sacrifice, and Soma shining bright in her.
avs.10.10 [1001007] Agni hath entered into thee; Soma, O Cow, hath entered thee.
avs.10.10 [1001009] When, Holy One, thou camest nigh invited by the Adityas call, Indra gave thee to drink, O cow, a thousand bowls of Soma juice.
avs.10.10 [1001012] The Cow Celestial received that Soma in three vessels, where.
avs.10.10 [1001013] Come hither with the Soma, come with every footed thing; the Cow With Kalis and Gandharvas by her side hath stepped upon the sea.
avs.10.10 [1001032] For Soma some have milked her: some worship the fatness she hath poured.
avs.11.1 [1100118] Ye, Sacrificial Rice and Soma Fibres, cleansed and made pure by prayer and molten butter. [p. 43] Enter the water: let the caldron take you.
avs.11.1 Made pure with Soma rest within the Brahmans: let not thine eaters, Rishis sons, be injured.
avs.11.1 [1100126] Give understanding unto these, King Soma! all the good Brah mans who attend and serve thee.
avs.11.5 [1100514] The Master is Death, Varuna, Soma, the plants of earth, and milk.
avs.11.6 [1100607] From all that brings a curse may Day and Night and Dawn deliver me, May Soma free me, God to whom they give the name of Chandramas.
avs.11.6 [1100615] To the five kingdoms of the plants which Soma rules as Lord we speak.
avs.11.8 [1100808] From whom did Indra spring? from whom sprang Soma? whence was Agni born? From whom did Tvashtar spring to life? and whence is Dilator s origin?
avs.11.8 [1100809] Indra from Indra, Soma from Soma, Agni from Agni sprang Tvashtar from Tvashtar was produced, Dilator was Dhatar s origin.
avs.12.1 [1200138] Base of the seat and sheds, on whom the sacrificial stake is reared, On whom the Yajus knowing priests recite their hymns and chant their psalms, And ministers are busied that Indra may drink the Soma juice; [p. 79]
avs.12.3 [1200309] Best of the regions is indeed this western wherein the King and gracious Lord is Soma.
avs.12.3 Southward may Indra, grit by Maruts, guard thee, Varuna strengthen and support thee westward, and Soma on the north hold thee together.
avs.12.3 So may the plants be free from wrath against us, they over whose realm Soma hath won dominion.
avs.12.3 [1200341] Swollen with savoury meath, the stream of treasures, sources of immortality blent with fatness Soma retains all these; in sixty autumns the Guardian Lord of Treasures may desire them.
avs.12.3 [1200358] To the northern region, to Soma the Regent, to Svaja the Protector, to Thunderbolt the Archer, we present, etc. [p. 95]
avs.12.4 [1200426] For Agni and for Soma, for Kama, Mitra and Varuna, For these the Brahmans ask: from these is he who giveth not estranged.
avs.13.1 Creating Soma, waters, plants and cattle, bring hitherward both quadrupeds and bipeds.
avs.13.1 [1300112] Thousand horned Bull, may Jatavedas, worshipped with butter, balmed with Soma, rich in heroes, Besought, never quit me; may I never forsake thee.
avs.13.1 Indra drink Soma: ours be peace and safety.
avs.13.1 [1300159] Let us not, Indra, leave the path, the Soma presser s sacrifice.
avs.14.1 By Law the Adityas stand secure, and Soma holds his place in heaven.
avs.14.1 [1400102] By Soma are the Adityas strong, by Soma mighty is the earth: Thus Soma in the lap of all these constellations hath his home.
avs.14.1 [1400103] One thinks, when men have brayed the plant, that he hath drunk the Soma s juice.
avs.14.1 Of him whom Brahmans truly know as Soma never mortal eats.
avs.14.1 Vayu in Soma s sentinel.
avs.14.1 [1400105] Soma, preserved by covering rules, guarded by hymns in Brihati, Thou standest listening to the stones; none tastes of thee who dwells on earth.
avs.14.1 [1400109] Soma was he who wooed the maid: the groomsmen were both.
avs.14.1 May Dawns that come for glory, bright with Soma, here may all Gods fix and enchant your spirits. [p. 132]
avs.14.1 [1400149] God Savitar shall take thy hand, and Soma the King shall make thee rich in goodly offspring, Let Agni, Lord Omniscient, make thee happy, till old old age a wife unto thy husband.
avs.14.1 [1400154] May Indra Agni, Heaven Earth, Matarisvan, may Mitra Varuna, Bhaga, both the Asvins, Brihaspati, the host of Maruts, Brahma, and Soma magnify this dame with offspring.
avs.14.2 [1400203] She was the wife of Soma first: next the Gandharva was thy lord.
avs.14.2 [1400204] Soma to the Gandharva, and to Agni the Gandharva gave.
avs.15.2 Syaita and Naudhasa, the Seven Rishis, and King Soma followed him.
avs.15.14 [1501404] He, when he went away to the northern region, went away having become King Soma and having made the Seven Rishis oblation an eater of food.
avs.16.9 [1600902] This word hath Agni, this hath Soma spoken.
avs.17.1 [1700110] Be thou most gracious unto us, Indra, with favourable aid, Rising to heaven s third sphere, invoked with song to quaff the Soma juice, loving thy home to make us blest. [p. 171] Manifold are thy great deeds, thine, O Vishnu.
avs.18.1 [1800144] May they ascend, the lowest, highest, midmost, the Fathers, who deserve a share of Soma.
avs.18.1 [1800158] Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrigus, who deserve the Soma.
avs.18.2 [1800201] For Yama Soma juice flows clear, to Yama is oblation paid.
avs.18.2 [1800214] For some the Soma juice runs clear some sit by sacrificial oil.
avs.18.2 [1800253] Ye have prepared, pathmakers, Agni Soma, a fair world for the Gods to be the it treasure.
avs.18.3 [1800308] Rise up, advance, run forward: make thy dwelling in water that shall be thy place to rest in There dwelling in accordance with the Fathers delight thyself with Soma and libations.
avs.18.3 [1800310] With splendour may the Fathers, meet for Soma, with mead and.
avs.18.3 [1800319] Fathers, be glorious in yourselves, and follow all that is glad in you and meet for Soma.
avs.18.3 [1800328] From westward with the All Gods save me Soma! etc.
avs.18.3 [1800339] Sit near, sit very near beside our Soma: for you I fit the ancient prayer with homage.
avs.18.3 [1800345] May they, the Fathers who deserve the Soma, invited to their favourite oblations.
avs.18.3 [1800346] Our Father s Fathers and their sires before them who came, most noble, to the Soma banquet, With these let Yama, yearning with the yearning, rejoicing eat our offerings at his pleasure.
avs.18.3 [1800353] Forbear, O Agni, to upset this chalice: the Gods and they who merit Soma love it.
avs.18.3 [1800355] What wound soever the dark bird hath inflicted, the emmet, or the serpent, or the jackal, May Agni who devoureth all things heal it, and Soma, who hath passed into the Brahmans.
avs.18.3 Soma drinkers to you is paid this Soma lover s sacrifice.
avs.18.4 Thou, Soma, comest nigh as bridegroom meets the bride, reach ing the beaker by a course of hundred paths.
avs.18.4 [1800462] Come hither, Fathers, who deserve the Soma, by the deep path ways which the Fathers travel.
avs.18.4 [1800463] Depart, O Fathers, ye who merit Soma, by the deep pathways which the Fathers travel; But in a month, rich in fair sons and heroes, come back into our homes to eat oblation.
avs.18.4 [1800472] To Soma connected with the Fathers Hail! and homage!
avs.18.4 [1800473] To the Fathers connected with Soma Hail! and homage!
avs.19.6 Sprang into being, of the King Soma produced from Purusha.
avs.19.10 [1901001] Befriend us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra and Varuna who receive oblations! Indra and Soma give health, wealth and comfort, Indra and Pushan be our strength in battle!
avs.19.10 [1901007] Kind unto us be Soma and Devotions, kind be the sacrifice and Stones for pressing.
avs.19.13 [1901304] He rules with those who carry shafts and quivers, Indra who with his hand brings hosts together, Foe conquering, strong of arm, the Soma drinker, with mighty bow, shooting with well laid arrows.
avs.19.13 [1901309] Indra guide these! Brihaspati, the Guerdon, and Soma, and the Sacrifice precede them! And let the banded Maruts march in forefront of heavenly hosts that conquer and demolish.
avs.19.17 [1901703] May Soma from the south, with Rudras, guard me.
avs.19.18 [1901803] Let those who vex me from the southern quarter, sinners, sing praise to Soma with the Rudras.
avs.19.20 [1902001] May Soma, Varuna the King, both Asvins, Yama and Pushan guard us well from Mrityu Death caused by men, which Indra Agni, Dhatar, Brihaspati and Savitar appointed.
avs.19.24 [1902403] Invest this Soma for long life, invest him for great hearing power.
avs.19.24 This garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King, to wrap about him.
avs.19.24 This is the spoken word of Agni, Soma, Brihaspati and Savitar, and Indra.
avs.19.27 [1902702] Let Soma guard thee with the plants, Surya protect thee with the stars; With breath let Wind protect thee, and the Moon, foe slayer, with the months.
avs.19.39 [1903905] Born thrice from the Adityas, thrice from Bhrigus, thrice from Angiras sons, born from the Visve Devas thrice, [p. 243] Healer of every malady, that Kushtha stands by Soma s side.
avs.19.39 Healer of every malady, that Kushtha stands by Soma s side.
avs.19.43 Thither let Soma lead me, let Soma vouchsafe me vital sap.
avs.19.43 All hail to Soma! [1904306] Whither, etc. [p. 246] Thither let Indra lead me, let Indra bestow upon me power.
avs.19.45 [1904508] May Soma protect me with Soma power, etc.
avs.19.58 Earth and air s middle realm have gathered, Soma, Brihaspati and Dhartar gathered vigour.
avs.19.59 [1905902] When, ignorant, we violate the statutes of you, O Deities, with whom is knowledge, Wise Agni shall correct our faults and failings, and Soma who hath entered into Brahmans.
avs.19.71 [1907101] Let my libations, giving boons, adoring, further the Twice born s song that honours Soma.
avs.20.1 [2000101] Thee, Indra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the Soma hath been pressed.
avs.20.1 [2000103] Let us serve Agni with our hyms, Sage who consumeth ox and cow, Who beareth Soma on his back.
avs.20.2 [2000201] Let the Maruts drink Trishtups from the Potar s cup, according to the season Soma from heaven.
avs.20.2 [2000202] Let Agni from the Kindler s cup drink Trishtups, according to the season Soma from heaven.
avs.20.2 [2000203] Let Indra the Brahman from the Brahman s cup drink Trishtups, according to the season Soma from heaven.
avs.20.2 [2000204] Let the God, Granter of Wealth, from the Potar s cup drink Trishtups, according to the season Soma from heaven.
avs.20.3 [2000301] Come, we have pressed the juice for thee: O Indra, drink this Soma here.
avs.20.3 [2000303] We Soma bearing Brahmans call thee Soma drinker with thy friend, We, Indra, who have pressed the juice.
avs.20.4 Sweet be the Soma to thy heart.
avs.20.5 [2000501] Like women, let this Soma juice invested with its raiment, glide.
avs.20.5 [2000505] Here, Indra, is thy Soma draught, made pure upon the sacred.
avs.20.6 [2000601] Thee, Indra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the Soma is ex pressed.
avs.20.6 [2000602] Indra, whom many laud, accept the strength confering Soma juice.
avs.20.6 [2000604] Lord of the brave, to thee proceed these drops of Soma juice expressed, The bright drops to thy dwelling place.
avs.20.6 [2000605] Within thy belly, Indra take Soma the juice most excellent: The heavenly drops belong to thee.
avs.20.6 [2000607] To Indra go the treasures of the worshipper which never fail: He drinks the Soma and is strong.
avs.20.7 [2000704] Indra, whom many laud, accept the strength conferring Soma juice.
avs.20.8 [2000802] Come to us; they have called thee Soma lover.
avs.20.8 Presented on the right, dear Soma juices have brought us Indra,.
avs.20.12 [2001207] Impetuous, Thunderer, strong, quelling the mighty, King, potent, Vritra slayer, Soma drinker, May he come hither with his yoked bay horses.
avs.20.13 [2001301] Lords of great wealth, Brihaspati and Indra, rejoicing at this sacrifice drink Soma.
avs.20.17 [2001702] Directed unto thee my spirit never strays, for I have set my hopes on thee, O much invoked! Sit, wonderful! as King upon the sacred grass, and let thy drinking place be by the Soma juice.
avs.20.17 [2001704] As on the fair leafed tree rest birds, to Indra flow the gladden ing Soma juices that the bowls contain.
avs.20.18 [2001803] The Gods seek him who presses out the Soma; they desire not sleep: Incessantly they punish sloth.
avs.20.20 [2002001] Drink thou the Soma for our help, bright, vigilant, exceeding strong, O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers.
avs.20.21 [2002104] Well pleased with these bright flames and with these Soma drops, take thou away our poverty with steeds and kine.
avs.20.21 [2002106] These our libations, strength inspiring Soma draughts, gladdened thee in the fight with Vritra, Hero Lord, [p. 281] What time thou slewest for the singer with trimmed grass ten thousand Vritras, thou resistless in thy might.
avs.20.22 [2002201] Hero, the Soma being pressed I pour the juice for thee to drink Sate thee and finish thy carouse.
avs.20.23 [2002301] Invoked to drink the Soma juice come with thy bay steeds, Thunder armed! Come, Indra, hitherward, to me.
avs.20.23 [2002305] Our hymns caress the Lord of Strength, vast, drinker of the Soma s juice, [p. 283] Indra, as mother cows their calf.
avs.20.24 [2002401] Come to the juice that we have pressed, to Soma, Indra! blent with milk: Come, favouring us, thy bay drawn car!
avs.20.24 [2002403] To Indra have my songs of praise gone forth, thus rapidly sent hence, To turn him to the Soma draught.
avs.20.24 [2002404] Hither with songs of praise we call Indra to drink the Soma.
avs.20.24 [2002408] Indra, for thee in thine own place I urge the Soma for thy draught: [p. 284] Deep in thy heart let it remain.
avs.20.24 [2002409] We call on thee, the Ancient One, Indra, to drink the Soma juice, We Kusikas who seek thine aid.
avs.20.28 [2002801] In Soma s ecstasy Indra spread the firmament and realms of light.
avs.20.29 [2002902] Bay horses with their long manes bring Indra to drink the Soma juice, The Bountiful to our sacrifice.
avs.20.29 [2002905] As Soma drinker conquering all, thou scatteredst to every side Their band who poured no gifts to thee.
avs.20.31 Many libations flow for him who loveth them: to Indra have: the gold hued Soma juices run.
avs.20.31 [2003103] At the swift draught the Soma drinker waxed in might, the iron.
avs.20.32 Gladden thee, Indra, with the mead rich Soma: pour it down ever, Mighty One, within thee.
avs.20.33 O Indra, hearer of the laud, with Soma which stones have mix ed for thee enhance thy rapture.
avs.20.34 [2003406] Stirrer to action of the poor and lowly, of priest, of suppliant who sings his praises Who, fair faced, favours him who presseth Soma with stones adjusted, He, O men, is Indra.
avs.20.34 Known as the Soma drinker, armed with thunder, the wielder of the bolt, He, men, is Indra.
avs.20.34 [2003415] Who aids with favour him who pours the Soma, and him who brews it, sacrificer, singer; Whose strength our prayer and offered Soma heighten, and this our gift, He, O ye men, is Indra.
avs.20.34 [2003417] Lord of Bay steeds, who loves the flowing Soma, He before whom all living creatures tremble.
avs.20.35 Indra helped Etasa, the Soma presser, contending in the chariot race with Surya.
avs.20.38 O Indra, drink the Soma here.
avs.20.38 [2003803] We, Soma bearing Brahmans, call thee, Soma drinker, with thy friend, We, Indra, bringing juice expressed.
avs.20.39 [2003902] In Soma s ecstasy Indra spread the firmament and realms of light.
avs.20.42 [2004203] Arising in thy might thy jaws thou shookest, Indra, having quaffed The Soma poured into the bowls.
avs.20.47 [2004702] Indra was made for giving, most powerful, friendly in carouse, Bright, meet for Soma, famed in song. [p. 304]
avs.20.52 [2005201] We compass thee like waters, we whose grass is trimmed and Soma pressed.
avs.20.52 [2005202] Men, Vasu! by the Soma, with lauds call thee to the foremost place.
avs.20.54 [2005402] Bards joined in song to Indra so that he might drink the Soma juice, [p. 309] The Lord of Light, that he whose laws stand fast might aid with power and with help he gives.
avs.20.55 Grant to the worshipper who presses Soma and gives guerdon, not unto the churl.
avs.20.57 [2005702] Come thou to our libations, drink of Soma, Soma drinker thou! The rich One s rapture giveth kine.
avs.20.57 [2005704] Drink for our help the Soma bright, vigilant, and exceeding strong, O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers.
avs.20.57 [2005714] We compass thee like waters, we whose grass in trimmed and Soma pressed.
avs.20.57 [2005715] Men, Vasu, by the Soma with lauds call thee to the foremost place.
avs.20.59 He gives the Soma pourer strength.
avs.20.60 In the pressed Soma blent with milk.
avs.20.60 That he may drink the Soma juice.
avs.20.63 [2006306] He who with Soma juice prepared among the many harbours.
avs.20.63 [2006307] Joy, mightiest Indra, known and marked, sprung most from Soma draughts, wherewith Thou smitest down the greedy fiend, for that we pray.
avs.20.64 [2006402] O truthful Soma drinker, thou art mightier than both the worlds.
avs.20.67 upon your way with ornaments, yea, our friends, Sitting on sacred grass, ye sons of Bharata, drink Soma from the Potar s bowl, O Men of heaven.
avs.20.67 Accept for thy delight the proffered Soma mead: drink from the Kindler s bowl and sate thee with thy share.
avs.20.67 Here brought by priests in Soma mead.
avs.20.67 Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Seasons from the Hotar s Cup.
avs.20.68 [2006812] To him the richest of the rich, the Lord of treasures excellent, Indra, with Soma juice outpoured.
avs.20.69 [2006903] Nigh to the Soma drinker come, for his enjoyment, these bright drops, The Somas mingled with the curd.
avs.20.69 [2006904] Thou, grown at once to perfect strength, wast born to drink the Soma juice, strong Indra, for preeminence.
avs.20.71 [2007103] His belly drinking deepest draughts of Soma like an ocean swells, Like wide streams from the cope of heaven.
avs.20.71 [2007107] Come, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma feasts, Protector, mighty in thy strength.
avs.20.74 [2007401] O Soma drinker, ever true, utterly hopeless though we be, Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine, In thousands, O most wealthy One.
avs.20.86 fleet friendly Bays who joy together. [p. 332] Mounting thy firm and easy car, O Indra, wise and all knowing come thou to the Soma.
avs.20.87 [2008701] Priests, offer to the Lord of all the people the milked out stalk of Soma, radiant coloured.
avs.20.87 No wild bull knows his drinking place like Indra who ever seeks him who hath pressed the Soma.
avs.20.87 O Indra, gratified in heart and spirit, drink eagerly the Soma set before thee.
avs.20.87 [2008703] Thou, newly born, for strength didst drink the Soma; thy mother told thee of thy future greatness.
avs.20.87 When he had conquered godless wiles and magic, Soma became his own entire possession.
avs.20.89 Quell with your voice the wicked s voice, O sages, Singer, make Indra rest beside the Soma.
avs.20.89 [2008908] Indra the swallower of strong libations with their thick residue, the potent Somas, He, Maghavan, will not restrict his bounty: he brings much wealth unto the Soma presser.
avs.20.92 [2009207] When hither speed the dappled cows, unflinching, easy to be milked, Seize quickly, as it bursts away, the Soma juice for Indra s drink.
avs.20.93 [2009303] Thou art the Lord of Soma pressed, Soma unpressed is also thine, Thou art the Sovran of the folk.
avs.20.94 He stays apart the two confronting bowls; he sings lauds in the potent Soma s joy when he hath drunk.
avs.20.95 With Vishnu hath he quaffed the flowing Soma juice, all that he would.
avs.20.96 O Indra, pleased to day with this libation, come, thou who knowest all, and drink the Soma.
avs.20.96 [2009603] Whoso, devoted to the God, effuses Soma for him with yearning heart and spirit, Never doth Indra give away his cattle: for him he makes the lovely Soma famous.
avs.20.96 [2009604] He looks with loving favour on the mortal who, like a rich man, pours for him the Soma.
avs.20.99 [2009901] Men with their lauds are urging thee, Indra, to drink the Soma first.
avs.20.109 [2010901] The juice of Soma thus diffused, sweet to the taste, the bright Cows drink Who for the sake of splendour close to mighty Indra s side rejoice, good in their own supremacy.
avs.20.109 [2010902] Craving his touch the dappled Kine mingle the Soma with their milk. [p. 353] The milch kine dear to Indra send forth his death dealing thun derbolt, good in their own supremacy.
avs.20.110 [2011003] By the three Soma jars the Gods span sacrifice that stirs the mind: Let our songs aid and prosper it.
avs.20.111 [2011101] If, Indra, thou drink Soma by Vishnu s or Trita Aptya s side, Or with the Maruts take delight in flowing drops;
avs.20.112 [2011203] Thou, Indra, goest unto all Soma libations shed for thee, Both far away and near at hand.
avs.20.113 [2011301] Both boons may Indra hitherward turned, listen to this, prayer of ours, And, mightiest Maghavan with thought inclined to us come nigh to drink the Soma juice.
avs.20.113 Thou seatest thee as first among thy peers in place, for thy soul longs for Soma juice.
avs.20.117 [2011701] Drink Soma, Lord of Bays, and let it cheer thee: Indra, the stone, like a well guided courser, Directed by the presser s arms hath pressed it.
avs.20.118 In Indra are all creatures closely held; in him meet the distilling Soma drops.
avs.20.119 Riches have spread among us, and heroic strength; with us are flowing Soma drops.
avs.20.125 [2012504] Ye, Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice, And aided Indra in his work with Namuchi of Asura birth.
avs.20.126 [2012602] Thou, Indra, heedless passest by the ill Vrishakapi hath wrought; Yet nowhere else thou findest place wherein to drink the Soma juice.
avs.20.126 I look upon the wise, and drink the simple votary s Soma juice.
avs.20.137 Bring quickly down, O priests, hither to give us aid, to drink the Soma, Indra son of Nishtigri.
avs.20.137 [2013706] Inciter of the voice of song, with thousand streams the ocean flows, Even Soma, Lord of Opulence, the friend of Indra, day by day.
avs.20.137 [2013713] Indra was made for giving, set, most mighty, over the joyous draught, Bright, meet for Soma, famed in song.
avs.20.139 [2013904] Asvins, for you with song of praise this hot oblation is effused, This your sweet Soma juice, ye Lords of wealth and spoil, through which ye think upon the foe.
avs.20.140 Let the Atharvan pour the warm oblation forth, and Soma very rich in sweets.
avs.20.141 [2014104] Now come, ye Asvins, hitherward: here are oblations set for you; These Soma draughts to aid Yadu and Turvasa, these offered you mid Kanva s sons.
avs.20.143 Drink of the pleasant liquor of the Soma: give riches to the people who adore you.[p. 379]

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