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avs.4.13 [0401302] Here these two winds are blowing far as Sindhu from a distant land.
avs.6.24 [0602401] Forth from the Hills of Snow they stream, and meet in Sindhu here or there.
avs.6.24 [0602403] All Rivers who have Sindhu for your Lady, Sindhu for your Queen, Give us the balm that heals this ill: this boon let us enjoy from you.
avs.7.45 [0704501] Brought hitherward from Sindhu, from a folk of every mingled race, Fetched from afar, thou art I deem, a balm that cureth.
avs.12.1 [1200103] In whom the sea, and Sindhu, and the waters, in whom our food and corn lands had their being, In whom this all that breathes and moves is active, this Earth.
avs.14.1 [1400143] As vigorous Sindhu won himself imperial lordship of the streams, So be imperial queen when thou hast come within thy husband s home.
avs.19.38 If thou, O Bdellium, art produced from Sindhu or hast come from sea, The quality of both have I taken to keep this man unscathed.
avs.19.44 [1904405] Thou art the babe of Sindhu, thou art lightnings flower, wind, breath, and Sun: thou art the eye and milk of heaven.
avs.20.25 With amplest wealth thou fillest him, as round about the waters clearly seen afar fill Sindhu full.
avs.20.63 [2006309] Wherewith thou dravest forth like cars Sindhu and all the mighty floods.

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