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avs.1.18 [0101802] Let Savitar, Mitra, Varuna, and Aryaman drive away Stinginess from both the hands and feet: May Favour, granting us her bounties, drive her off.
avs.1.18 May Savitar the God graciously further thee. [p. a18]
avs.1.26 [0102602] Our friend be that Celestial Grace, Indra and Bhaga be our friends, and Savitar with splendid Wealth. [p. a25]
avs.1.29 [0102903] Soma and Savitar the God have strengthened and exalted thee: All elements have aided thee, to make thee general conqueror.
avs.1.33 [0103301] May they, the golden hued, the bright, the splendid, they wherein Savitar was born and Agni, They who took Agni as a germ, fair coloured, the Waters, bring felicity and bless us!
avs.2.26 These cows let Savitar drive within this stable.
avs.2.29 Send him, O Savitar, full growth of riches.
avs.2.36 [0203608] May Savitar lead and bring to thee the husband whom thy heart desires.
avs.3.8 [0300802] May Indra, Tvashtar hear my word with favour, may Dhatar, Rati, Savitar accept it.
avs.3.8 [0300803] Soma I call, and Savitar with homage, and all the Adityas in the time of contest. [p. a74] Long may this fire send forth its splendour, lighted by kinsmen uttering no word against me.
avs.3.11 [0301104] Live, waxing in thy strength a hundred autumns, live through a hundred springs, a hundred winters! Indra, Agni, Savitar, Brihaspati give thee a hundred! With hundred lived oblation have I saved him,
avs.3.12 [0301204] This House may Savitar and Vayu stablish, Brihaspati who knows the way, and Indra.
avs.3.15 [0301506] The wealth wherewith I carry on my traffic, seeking, ye Gods! wealth with the wealth I offer, Herein may Indra, Savitar, and Soma, Prajapati, and Agni give me splendour.
avs.3.20 [0302007] Urge Aryaman to send us gifts, and Indra, and Brihaspati, Vata, Vishnu, Sarasvati, and the strong courser Savitar.
avs.3.21 [0302108] The golden handed Savitar and Indra, Brihaspati, Varuna, Mitra, and Agni, The Angirases we call, the Visve Devas: let them appease this Agni, Flesh devourer.
avs.4.4 [0400406] Hodie, Agnis! hodie Savitar! hodie dea Sarasvatis! hodie Brahmanaspatis! hujus fascinum velut arcum extende.
avs.4.8 May Savitar so fashion thee.
avs.4.25 A hymn of prayer and praise to Vayu and Savitar
avs.4.25 [0402501] I think on Vayu s and Savitar s holy rites, ye twain who penetrate and guard the living world: Ye who have come to be this All s pervaders, deliver us, ye two from grief and trouble.
avs.4.25 Ye, Vayu, Savitar, preserve all creatures.
avs.4.25 [0402504] Hence, Vayu, Savitar drive evil action, chase Simida away, drive off the demons.
avs.4.25 [0402505] Of their own selves let Savitar and Vayu send favourable strength and wealth and plenty.
avs.4.25 [0402506] Ye, Savitar and Vayu, to assist us, enjoy the hymn and the delightful cheerer.
avs.4.25 I glorify bright Savitar and Vayu.
avs.5.3 [0500309] Lord of the world, Creator and Disposer, may the God Savitar who quells assailants, May the Adityas, Rudras, both the Asvins, Gods, guard the sacrificer from destruction.
avs.5.24 [0502401] Savitar, Lord of furthering aids, protect me, in this my prayer, in this mine act, in this my sacerdotal charge, in this perfor mance, in this thought, in this my plan and wish, in this my calling on the Gods! All hail!
avs.5.25 [0502512] Savitar, vivifier, lay within the body of this dame A male germ with the noblest form for her in the tenth month to bear.
avs.5.26 [0502602] May Savitar the God All hail! foreknowing, chief in this sacrifice, employ them.
avs.5.27 [0502703] With store of mead to sacrifice comes Agni, comes Narasansa Agni, friendly minded, comes Savitar, righteous God who brings all blessings.
avs.6.1 In praise of Savitar
avs.6.1 [0600101] Sing, Atharvana, at eve, sing loudly, bring a splendid present: hymn God Savitar with praises.
avs.6.1 [0600103] Savitar our God shall send us many everlasting treasures, that both paths may well be travelled.
avs.6.19 [0601903] God Savitar, byboth of these, filter and pressing out this juice, purify us that we may see.
avs.6.23 [0602303] Let all the people celebrate the rite of Savitar the God.
avs.6.40 May Savitar and Soma send us safety.
avs.6.40 [0604002] May the Four Quarters give this hamlet power: Savitar favour us and make us happy! May Indra make us free from foes and danger: may wrath of Kings be turned to other places.
avs.6.53 May Agni, Soma mark through this libation: may Vayu, Savitar, and Bhaga guard us.
avs.6.58 May Savitar the deity make me honoured.
avs.6.61 [0606101] The Waters send me what is sweet and pleasant, Sura bring all I need for light and vision! The deities, and all of pious nature, and Savitar the God afford me freedom!
avs.6.68 [0606801] Savitar hath come hither with the razor: come thou, O Vayu, with the heated water.
avs.6.68 [0606803] The razor used by Savitar, for shaving, who knoweth Varuna and royal Soma, Even with this shave ye this man, O Brahman.
avs.6.82 Whereon the Asvins brought the bride Surya the child of Savitar.
avs.6.99 O Savitar, thou God, O royal Soma, make thou me pious minded for my welfare.
avs.6.103 [0610301] Brihaspati and Savitar prepare a rope to bind you fast! Let Bhaga, Mitra, Aryaman, and both the Asvins make the bond.
avs.7.14 A prayer to Savitar for prosperity
avs.7.14 [0701403] As thou, God! quickening, for our ancient father, sentest him height above and room about him, So unto us, O Savitar, send treasures, abundant, day by day, in shape of cattle.
avs.7.14 [0701404] Savitar, God, our household friend, most precious, hath sent our fathers life and power and riches.
avs.7.15 [0701501] I choose, O Savitar, that glorious favour, with fruitful energy and every blessing, Even this one s teeming cow, erst milked by Kanva, thousand streamed, milked for happiness by the mighty.
avs.7.16 [0701601] Increase this man Brihaspati! Illume him, O Savitar, for high and happy fortune.
avs.7.17 [0701704] May this our gift please Savitar, Rati, Dhatar, Prajapati, and Agni Lord of Treasures.
avs.7.22 To Savitar, or Yama invested with Savitar s attributes
avs.7.24 [0702401] What treasure hath been dug for us by Indra, by Agni, Visve devas, tuneful Maruts, On us may Savitar whose laws are faithful, Prajapati, and Heavenly Grace bestow it.
avs.7.30 [0703001] Heaven, Earth, and Mitra here have caused mine eyes to be anointed well, Savitar, Brahmanaspati take care that they be duly balmed!
avs.7.73 Most precious Savitar hath looked upon the heaven.
avs.7.73 May Savitar give goodliest stimulation.
avs.7.115 [0711502] Granting us riches, Savitar! golden banded, send thou away from us to other regions That Fortune who, flying, abominable, hath, as a creeper climbs* a tree, assailed me.
avs.8.1 [0800115] May saving Savitar, Vayu, Indra, Dhatar restore thee to com munion with the living.
avs.8.3 May the God Savitar give them up to ruin, and be their share of herbs and plants denied them.
avs.8.5 [0800505] This Agni hath declared, Soma declared it, Brihaspati, and Savitar, and Indra.
avs.8.5 [0800510] May the Gods bind the Charm on him for armour, Indra, and Vishnu, Savitar Rudra, Agni, Prajapati, sublimest Parameshlhin, Viraj, Vaisvanara, and all the Rishis.
avs.8.10 They called her, crying, O Vigour, come to us, come hither! God Savitar milked her, he milked forth Vigour.
avs.9.2 [0900206] By Kama s might, King Varuna s and Indra s, by Vishnu s strength, and Savitar s instigation, I chase my foes with sacrifice to Agni, as a deft steersman drives his boat through waters.
avs.9.4 [0900410] Brihaspati, Savitar gave thee vital vigour: thy breath was brought from Tvashtar and from Vayu.
avs.9.6 [0900645] For him Dawn murmurs, and Savitar sings the prelude; Brihaspati chants with vigour, and Tvashtar joins in with increase; the VisveDeva take up conclusion.
avs.9.7 [0900710] Dhatar and Savitar are the two knee bones, the Gandharvas are the legs the Apsarases are bits of the feet, Aditi is the hooves.
avs.9.7 [0900721] Standing westwards he is Dhatar, standing northwards Savitar.
avs.9.10 May Savitar" give goodliest stimulation.
avs.10.6 [1000613] Savitar wore this Amulet: herewith he won this lucid heaven.
avs.10.8 [1000805] Discern thou this, O Savitar.
avs.10.8 [1000842] Luller to rest, and gatherer up of treasures, Savitar like a God whose laws are constant, hath stood like Indra in the war for riches.
avs.11.3 With the fore parts of Savitar s feet.
avs.11.6 [1100603] We call on Savitar the God, on Pushan the establisher, [p. 59] Tvashtar the foremost we address: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.12.2 [1200248] Seize with firm hold the Ox who boundeth forward: he will uplift you from disgrace and trouble. [p. 87] Enter this ship of Savitar; let us flee from poverty over all the six expenses.
avs.13.1 [1300120] With splendour let God Savitar, and Agni, with splendour Mitra, Varuna invest thee.
avs.13.1 Fain would I equal Savitar in beauty.
avs.13.2 [1300236] High in the midst of heaven may we behold thee whom men call Savitar, the bright red Eagle, Soaring and speeding on thy way, refulgent, unwasting light which Atri erst discovered.
avs.13.3 As Savitar, he moves through air s mid region, as Indra warms the heavens from the centre.
avs.13.4 [1300401] Down looking, on the ridge of sky Savitar goes to highest heaven.
avs.14.1 Asvins, when The Sun God Savitar bestowed his willing Surya on her lord.
avs.14.1 [1400113] The bridal pomp of Surya, which Savitar started, moved along.
avs.14.1 [1400119] Now from the noose of Varuna I free thee, where with the bless ed Savitar hath bound thee.
avs.14.1 To him, your friend, may Pushan, all the Maruts, to him may Dhatar, Savitar send vigour.
avs.14.1 Stand on it, thou, greeted with joy, resplendent: a long long life may Savitar vouchsafe thee.
avs.14.1 [1400149] God Savitar shall take thy hand, and Soma the King shall make thee rich in goodly offspring, Let Agni, Lord Omniscient, make thee happy, till old old age a wife unto thy husband.
avs.14.1 [1400150] I take thy hand in mine for happy fortune that thou mayst reach old age with me thy consort, Gods, Aryaman, Bhaga, Savitar, Purandhi, have given thee to be my household s mistress.
avs.14.1 [1400151] Bhaga and Savitar the God have clasped that hand of thine in theirs, By rule and law thou art my wife: the master of thy house am I.
avs.14.1 [1400153] Tvashtar, by order of the holy sages, hath laid on her Brihaspati s robe for glory, By means of this let Savitar and Bhaga surround this dame, like Surya, with her children.
avs.14.1 [1400158] Now from the bond of Varuna I loose thee, wherein the blessed Savitar hath bound thee.
avs.14.1 Bring her, O Indra, gentle to her husband: bring her to us, O Savitar, blest with children.
avs.14.2 All that is covered there in perfect beauty may Savitar make pleasant to the husband.
avs.14.2 [1400230] Surya the child of Savitar mounted for high felicity Her litter with its cloth of gold, wearing all forms of loveliness.
avs.14.2 May Savitar bestow long life upon you. [p. 143]
avs.14.2 [1400259] If, wearing long loose hair, these men have danced together in thy house, committing sin with shout and cry, May Agni free thee from that guilt, may Savitar deliver thee,
avs.14.2 May Agni free thee from that guilt, may Savitar deliver thee.
avs.14.2 [1400262] If any evil have been wrought by mischief makers that affects thy cattle progeny or house, May Agni free thee from the woe, may Savitar deliver thee.
avs.14.2 A long long life let Savitar vouchsafe thee.
avs.18.1 There let God Savitar, Aditi, and Mitra proclaim to Varuna that we are sinless.
avs.18.2 May Savitar the God conduct thee thither where dwell the pious who have gone before thee. [p. 189]
avs.18.3 A long, long life may Savitar vouchsafe me.
avs.18.3 [1800329] May the strong firm Sustainer bear thee upright, as Savitar bears light above the heaven.
avs.18.4 [1800431] On thee doth Savitar the God bestow this vesture for thy wear. [p. 204] Clothe thee herein, and find meet robe in Yama s realm to cover thee.
avs.19.8 [1900804] Excitement and invoking cry, ill omened sneezing and reproof, All sounds of empty pitchers send into the distance, Savitar!
avs.19.10 [1901010] Prosper us Savitar, the God who rescues, and let the radiant.
avs.19.16 Savitar guard me from the south, and from the north the Lord of Might.
avs.19.20 [1902001] May Soma, Varuna the King, both Asvins, Yama and Pushan guard us well from Mrityu Death caused by men, which Indra Agni, Dhatar, Brihaspati and Savitar appointed.
avs.19.24 With that wherewith the Deities invested Savitar the God.
avs.19.24 This is the spoken word of Agni, Soma, Brihaspati and Savitar, and Indra.
avs.19.31 [1903101] Savitar make all cattle grow and prosper in my stable with.
avs.19.31 Savitar and Brihaspati vouchsafe me the milk of kine and herbs refreshing juices!
avs.19.45 Secure like precious Savitar thou standest: to thee let all these regions bring their tribute.
avs.19.46 [1904607] That thou mayst be pre eminent, slayer of rivals, rivalless, [p. 249] May Savitar cause thee to be chief and controller of thy kin.
avs.19.49 [1904901] Friend of the home, the strong and youthful maiden, Night, dear to Savitar the God, and Bhaga, All compassing, all glorious, prompt to listen, hath with her greatness filled the earth and heaven.
avs.19.51 [1905102] Under the impulse of the God Savitar, sent forth from the arms of the Asvins and both hands of Pushan I have taken thee.
avs.20.96 Through hundred lived oblation Indra, Agni, Brihaspati, Savitar yield him for a hundred!

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