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avs.4.28 A hymn to Bhava and Sarva
avs.4.28 [0402801] I Reverence you mark this Bhava and Sarva, ye under whose control is this that shineth.
avs.4.28 I, suppliant, praise and ever call on Bhava and Sarva.
avs.6.93 [0609301] Yama, Death direly fatal, the Destroyer, with his black crest, Sarva the tawny archer, And all the Gods uprisen with their army, may these on every side avoid our heroes.
avs.6.93 [0609302] With mind, burnt offerings, butter, and libation, to royal Bhava and the archer Sarva, To these the worshipful I pay my worship: may they turn else where things with deadly venom.
avs.8.2 Bhava and Sarva, pity and protect him: give him full life and drive away misfortunes.
avs.8.8 Let Bhava, Prisnibahu, and Sarva destroy that armament.
avs.8.8 With your entangling snares and nets, Sarva and Indra! slay that host.
avs.10.1 [1000123] Bhava and Sarva cast the flash of lightning, the weapon of the Gods, against the sinner who made the evil thing, who deals in witchcraft!
avs.11.2 Prayer and praise to Bhava, Sarva and Rudra
avs.11.2 [1100201] Bhava and Sarva, spare us, be not hostile.
avs.11.2 To Bhava and to Sarva, both, have I paid lowly reverence,
avs.11.6 [1100609] Bhava and Sarva we address, and Rudra who is Lord of Beasts, Their arrows which we feel and know: may they be ever kind to us.
avs.12.4 [1200417] Whoso calls her a worthless Cow, the stored up treasure of the Gods, Bhava and Sarva, both of them, move round and shoot a shaft at him.
avs.12.5 [1200536] Wrathful Sarva while being carved. Simida when cut up:
avs.15.5 Neither Sarva nor Bhava nor Isana slays him who possesses this knowledge, or his cattle, or his kinsmen.
avs.15.5 [1500502] They made Sarva the Archer his deliverer from the intermediate space of the southern region, etc, as in verse 1.
avs.15.5 Neither Sarva nor Bhava, nor Isana slays him who possesses this knowledge, or his cattle, or his kinsmen.

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