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avs.1.11 O Pushan At this birth let Aryaman the Sage perform as Hotar priest, [p. a12] As one who bears in season let this dame be ready to bring forth her child.
avs.5.11 [0501111] God, giving life unto the god who lauds me, Sage strengthener of the sage who sings my praises.
avs.5.13 [0501301] Varuna, Sage of heaven, hath given me the gift: with spells of mighty power I draw thy poison out.
avs.6.27 [0602702] Auspicious be the Dove that hath been sent us, a harmless bird, O Gods, that seeks our dwelling! May Agni, Sage, be pleased with our oblation, and may the missile borne on wings avoid us.
avs.8.3 [0800309] With keen glance guard the sacrifice, O Agni: thou Sage, con duct it onward to the Vasus.
avs.10.7 In whom the Sages earliest born, the Richas, Saman, Yajus, Earth, and the one highest Sage abide?
avs.12.1 Of one accord with Heaven, O Sage, set me in glory and in wealth.
avs.13.1 From that arose this universe, yea, all this world of brightness, brought by Rohita the heavenly Sage.
avs.18.1 So may the Sage, come through the air s wide ocean, Remembering the earth and days to follow, obtain a son the issue of his father.
avs.18.3 [1800363] The Sage of Fathers, guardian of devotions who holds thee up with might in air s mid region, Praise him ye Visvamitras, with oblation.
avs.20.1 [2000103] Let us serve Agni with our hyms, Sage who consumeth ox and cow, Who beareth Soma on his back.
avs.20.24 [2002406] We know thee winner of the spoil and resolute in battles, Sage! Therefore thy blessing we implore.
avs.20.62 [2006205] To Indra sing a Saman, sing to the high Sage a lofty song, To him who keeps the Law, inspired and fain for praise.
avs.20.67 [2006703] I think on Agni, Hotar, the munificent, the gracious Son of strength, who knoweth all that live, as holy Sage who knoweth all.
avs.20.67 [2006705] Bring the Gods hither, Sage, and offer sacrifice.
avs.20.69 [2006905] O Indra, lover of the song, may these quick Somas enter thee: May they bring bliss to thee the Sage.
avs.20.94 [2009404] So like a bull thou rushest to the Lord who loves the trough, the Sage, the prop of vigour, in the vat.

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