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avs.2.14 [0201401] Forth from the hall the bold, the sharp, the greedy one, the single voiced, Sadanvas, and all progeny of Chanda we exterminate.
avs.2.14 [0201404] May Bhutapati drive away, and Indra, the Sadanvas hence.
avs.2.14 [0201405] Whether ye be of farm and field, or whether ye be sent by men, Or be ye sprung from Dasyu race, vanish, Sadanvas, and begone.
avs.2.14 Vanish, Sadanvas, and begone.
avs.2.18 [0201805] Sadanvas ruiner art thou, give me to drive Sadanvas off.
avs.4.10 [0401003] We stay disease and indigence, and chase Sadanvas with the Shell.
avs.16.6 [1600607] Carry away to Such an one niggard fiends, hostile demons, and Sadanvas,

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