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avs.7.5 [0700501] The Gods adored the Sacrifice with worship: these were the statutes of primeval ages.
avs.7.5 [0700502] Sacrifice was, was manifest among us: it sprang to life and then in time grew stronger.
avs.7.54 [0705402] As I have asked about Verse, Song, Sacrifice, strength, force,.
avs.7.97 [0709705] Go to the sacrifiee, go to its master, Sacrifice! To thy birth place go with Svaha. [p. a314]
avs.9.5 Sacrifice, filled, filled full, offered with Vashat this let the Gods arrange.
avs.10.7 [1000716] Who out of many, tell me, is that Skambha, He whose chief arteries stand there, the sky s four regions, he irk whom Sacrifice putteth forth its might?
avs.10.10 Sacrifice is the weapon of the Cow: the thought arose from, her.
avs.10.10 Sacrifice from thy flanks was born, and rays of sunlight from.
avs.11.1 [1100134] May we adore thee, Sacrifice that yieldeth an everlasting son, cow, home of treasures, Together with increasing store of riches, long life and immor tality of children.
avs.11.7 A glorification of the Uchchhishta or Residue of Sacrifice
avs.11.7 [1100701] The Residue of Sacrifice containeth name, and from, and world: Indra and Agni and the whole universe are comprised therein.
avs.11.7 [1100702] The Residue of Sacrifice holdeth Earth, Heaven, and all that is: The Residue of Sacrifice holdeth sea, waters, Moon, and Wind.
avs.11.7 [1100710] Sacrifice of one night, or two, Sadya kri, Ukthya, and Prakri, Call, deep toned summons are therein, fine parts, through lore, of sacrifice,
avs.11.7 [1100711] Sacrifice of four nights, of five, of six nights, day and night conjoined, Shodasi, seven night sacrifice, all these sprang from the Residue, these which the Immortal One contains. [p. 62]
avs.12.1 [1200101] Truth, high and potent Law, the Consecrating Rite, Fervour, Brahma, and Sacrifice uphold the Earth.
avs.13.4 [1300440] Sacrifice, sacrifice s Lord, he was made head of sacrifice.
avs.15.2 Yajnayajniya and Vamadevya and Sacrifice and Sacrificer and sacrificial victims followed him.
avs.15.2 The man who reviles the Vratya possessing this knowledge is alienated from Yajnayajniya and Vamadevya, Sacrifice, Sacrificer and sacrificial victims.
avs.15.2 He who hath this knowledge becomes the beloved home of Yajnayajniya,Vamadevya, Sacrifice, Sacrificer, and sacrificial victims.
avs.15.6 The Ehavaniya, Garhapatya, and Southern Fires, and Sacrifice, and Sacrificer, and sacrificial victims followed him.
avs.15.7 [1500704] Faith, and Sacrifice and the world, having become food and nourishment, turned toward him.
avs.15.7 [1500705] Faith Sacrifice, the world, food and nourishment approach him who possesses this knowledge.
avs.15.16 [1501606] His sixth downward breath is Sacrifice.
avs.16.9 [1600904] Sacrifice is fraught with wealth for the increase of prosperity.
avs.18.4 [1800403] Carefully look on Sacrifice s pathway whereon the Angirases, the righteous, travel.
avs.18.4 [1800413] Sacrifice, duly offered, comes preparing the sacrificer for the.
avs.19.6 The purusha Sukta, on the mystical Sacrifice of Purusha
avs.19.13 [1901309] Indra guide these! Brihaspati, the Guerdon, and Soma, and the Sacrifice precede them! And let the banded Maruts march in forefront of heavenly hosts that conquer and demolish.
avs.19.19 [1901905] Sacrifice arose with Priestly Fees.

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