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avs.4.30 [0403001] I travel with the Rudras and the Vasus, with the Adityas and All Gods I wander.
avs.5.3 [0500309] Lord of the world, Creator and Disposer, may the God Savitar who quells assailants, May the Adityas, Rudras, both the Asvins, Gods, guard the sacrificer from destruction.
avs.5.3 [0500310] Let those who are our foemen stay afar from us: with Indra and with Agni we will drive them off. [p. a158] The Adityas and the Rudras, over us on high, have made me strong, a thinker, and a sovran lord.
avs.6.68 One minded let Adityas, Rudras, Vasus moisten the hair: shave ye who know King Soma.
avs.6.74 [0607403] As, free from jealousy, the strong Adityas have been the Vasus and the Rudras fellows.
avs.8.8 One pole the Rudras carry, one the Vasus, and the Adityas one.
avs.10.7 [1000722] Who out of many, tell me, is that Skambha [p. 23] In whom Adityas dwell, in whom Rudras and Vasus are contained, In whom the future and the past and all the worlds are firmly set;
avs.12.2 [1200206] Again have the Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, the Brahman, bringer of good things, O Agni, Again hath Brahmanaspati disposed thee for long life lasting through a hundred autumns.
avs.19.9 [1900910] Kind be the Powers who seize the Moon, with Rahu be Adityas kind! Favour us Death and Cornet, and Rudras with penetrating.
avs.19.9 [1900911] Rudras and Vasus favour us, Adityas, Agnis favour us! Favour us mighty Rishis, Gods, Goddesses, and Brihaspati! [1900912] Brahma, Dhatar, Prajapati, Worlds, Vedas, Agnis, Rishis Seven. [p. 220] All these have blessed my happy way.
avs.19.10 Kind with the Rudras be the healer Rudra, and with the Dames here Tvashtar kindly hear us.
avs.19.11 [1901104] So may the Rudras, Vasus, and Adityas accept the new hymn we now are making.
avs.19.17 [1901703] May Soma from the south, with Rudras, guard me.
avs.19.18 [1901803] Let those who vex me from the southern quarter, sinners, sing praise to Soma with the Rudras.
avs.20.99 The Ribhus in accord have lifted up their voice and Rudras.
avs.20.135 [2013509] Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, all pay worship unto thee.

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