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avs.2.6 [0200601] Half years and seasons strengthen thee, O Agni, the years, and all the Verities, and Rishis! [p. a39] Flash forth with thy celestial effulgence: illumine all four regions of the heavens.
avs.2.35 [0203502] Rishis have called the sacrifice s patron amerced through sin, sorrowing for his offspring.
avs.2.35 [0203504] Awful are Rishis: unto them be homage, and to their eye and truthfulness of spirit! Loud homage to Brihaspati, O mighty! Homage to thee, O Visvakarman! Guard us.
avs.4.11 [0401109] He whosoever knows the seven exhaustless pourings of the Ox, Wins himself offspring and the world: the great Seven Rishis know this well.
avs.4.23 [0402305] With whom as friend the Rishis gave their power new splendour, with whom they kept aloof the Asuras devices, Agni, with whom Indra subdued the Panis.
avs.4.39 [0403909] Agni moves having entered into Agni, the Rishis son, who guards from imprecations, I offer unto thee with reverent worship.
avs.5.17 [0501706] Thus spake of her those Gods of old, Seven Rishis, who sate them down to their austere devotion: Dire is a Brahman s wife led home by others: in the supremest heaven she plants confusion.
avs.6.12 [0601202] With this, discovered in the days of old by Brahmans, Rishis, Gods, With this I ward thy poison off, thou Biter! formed and form ing now.
avs.6.40 Our safety be the wide air: ours be safety through the oblation of the Seven Rishis. [p. a218]
avs.6.41 [0604103] Let not the Rishis, the divine, forsake us, our own, our very selves, our lives protectors.
avs.6.133 [0613302] Thou, weapon of the Rishis, art adored and served with sacrifice.
avs.6.133 [0613304] She hath become, Faith s daughter, sprung from Fervour, the sister of the world creating Rishis; As such, O Girdle, give us thought and wisdom, give us religious zeal and mental vigour.
avs.6.133 [0613305] Thou whom primeval Rishis girt about them, they who made the world, As such do thou encircle me, O Girdle, for long days of life.
avs.7.53 I give him over to the Seven Rishis: let them conduct him to old age in safety.
avs.7.89 May the Gods mark this prayer of mine, may Indra with the Rishis mark.
avs.8.5 [0800510] May the Gods bind the Charm on him for armour, Indra, and Vishnu, Savitar Rudra, Agni, Prajapati, sublimest Parameshlhin, Viraj, Vaisvanara, and all the Rishis.
avs.8.9 [0800907] We, Kasyapa! six present Rishis, ask thee for thou hast prov ed things tried and meet for trial They call Viraj the Father of Devotion: tell her to us thy friends in all her figures.
avs.8.9 [0800908] She whom, advancing, sacrifices follow, and when she takes her station stand beside her, By whose control and hest the spirit moveth, she is Viraj, in highest heaven, O Rishis.
avs.8.9 [0800914] She who was fourth was made by Agni, Soma, and Rishis as.
avs.8.9 [0800923] To Indra eight, to Yama six, seven to the Rishis, seven to each: The number five accompanies waters and men and healing herbs.
avs.8.9 [0800924] The Heifer, all his own, poured forth for Indra control and milk at her first time of milking; And he then satisfied the four divisions, the Gods and men and Asuras and Rishis.
avs.8.10 [0801025] She rose, she came unto the Seven Rishis.
avs.8.10 Fervour and Prayer maintain the Seven Rishis.
avs.9.1 May the Gods know me as I am, may Indra with the Rishis know.
avs.9.9 [0900916] Of the co born they call the seventh single born: the six twin, pairs are called the Rishis, sons of Gods.
avs.10.1 Rishis.
avs.10.5 [1000539] I turn me to the Rishis Seven.
avs.10.5 May the Gods know this prayer of mine, may Indra with the Rishis know.
avs.10.8 Thereon together sit the Seven Rishis who have become this mighty One s protectors
avs.10.10 She hath become this universe, Fathers, and Rishis, hath become the Gods, and men, and Asuras.
avs.11.1 Let the Seven Rishis, World creators, rub thee into existence here with gift of offspring.
avs.11.1 Seven Rishis, makers of the world, begat thee, Grant to this woman wealth with store of heroes.
avs.11.1 [1100115] Instructed by the Rishis, bring those waters, the share of strength which was of old assigned you.
avs.11.1 May hottest flames, divine, sprung from the Rishis, gathering, with the Seasons, heat this portion.
avs.11.1 [1100124] This second hand of Aditi, this ladle which the Seven Rishis, world creators, fashioned.
avs.11.1 Made pure with Soma rest within the Brahmans: let not thine eaters, Rishis sons, be injured.
avs.11.1 Oft, in Brahmaudana, and well I call on: Rishis, their sons, and those who sprang from Fervour.
avs.11.1 Famous and foremost, with their great possessions, let not these here, the Rishis sons, be injured.
avs.11.1 [1100133] I set thee, Odana, with Rishis children: naught here belongs to men not sprung from Rishis.
avs.11.1 [1100135] Thou art a Bull that mounts to heaven: to Rishis and their off spring go.
avs.11.3 Heaven and Earth are the ears, the Sun and Moon are the eyes, the seven Rishis are the vital airs inhaled and exhaled. [p. 50] 3.
avs.11.3 [1100332] 32. And thence he said to this one, Thou hast eaten this with a[p. 51] different head from that with which the ancient Rishis ate: thy offspring, reckoning from the eldest, will die.
avs.11.3 And thence he said to him, Thou hast eaten this with other ears than those with which the ancient Rishis ate it.
avs.11.3 With the Seven Rishis as the vital airs.
avs.11.6 [1100611] Or the Seven Rishis we address, Waters divine, Prajapati, Fathers with Yama at their head: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.9 [1100925] High sway have Maruts, and the God Aditya, Brahmanaspati, High sway have Indra, Agni, and Dilator, Mitra, Prajapati, High sway have Rishis given to you, showing upon our enemies where thou, O Arbudi, hast pierced.
avs.11.10 [1101010] Brihaspati Angirasa, Rishis made strong and keen by prayer, Have set Trishandhi in the heaven, dire weapon that destroys the fiends.
avs.12.1 [1200139] On whom the ancient Rishis, they who made the world, sang forth the cows, Seven worshippers, by session, with their fervent zeal and sacrifice;
avs.12.2 [1200229] On pathways swept by wind, directed upward, passing beyond the lower, on the higher, Thrice seven times have the Rishis, the Departed, forced Mrityu backward with the fastened fetter.
avs.12.4 Who will not give the Cow of Gods to Rishis children when they beg.
avs.12.4 [1200412] He who withholds the Cow of Gods from Rishis sons who ask the gift Is made an alien to the Gods, and subject to the Brahmans wrath:
avs.15.2 Syaita and Naudhasa, the Seven Rishis, and King Soma followed him.
avs.15.14 [1501404] He, when he went away to the northern region, went away having become King Soma and having made the Seven Rishis oblation an eater of food.
avs.16.2 [1600206] Thou art the couch of the Rishis.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of the Rishis, etc.
avs.16.8 Let him not be freed from the noose of the Rishis children, etc.
avs.17.1 [1700114] Indra, exalting thee with prayer, imploring, Rishis have sat them down in holy Session.
avs.18.2 Bow down before the Rishis of the olden time, the ancient ones who made the path.
avs.18.2 [1800215] Let him, O Yama, go to those Rishis austere, of Fervour born, First followers of Law, the sons of Law, upholders of the Law.
avs.18.2 [1800218] Let him, O Yama, go to those Rishis austere, of Fervour born, Skilled in a thousand ways and means, the sages who protect the Sun.
avs.18.3 [1800364] Mount and ascend to highest heaven, O Rishis: be ye not afraid.
avs.19.9 [1900911] Rudras and Vasus favour us, Adityas, Agnis favour us! Favour us mighty Rishis, Gods, Goddesses, and Brihaspati! [1900912] Brahma, Dhatar, Prajapati, Worlds, Vedas, Agnis, Rishis Seven. [p. 220] All these have blessed my happy way.
avs.19.9 May all alleviations in the world which the Seven Rishis know.
avs.19.17 [1901707] May Visvakarman with the Seven Rishis be my protector from the northern region.
avs.19.18 [1901807] Let those who from the north side vex me, sinners, praise Visvakarman with the Seven Rishis.
avs.19.22 A prose hymn of homage to various portions of the Atharva veda, to the Rishis, and to Brahma
avs.19.22 [1902214] To the Rishis, Hail!
avs.19.33 The Rishis bear thee as a purifier: cleanse thou us from all evil deeds defilement.
avs.19.35 [1903501] While their lips uttered Indra s name the Rishis gave us Jangida.
avs.19.41 [1904101] Desiring bliss, at first, light finding Rishis began religious rite and holy fervour.
avs.19.42 [1904202] Brahma is fatness dropping scoops: with Brahma was the altar reared. [p. 245] Brahma is worship, lengthened rite, the Rishis who pay sacrifice, the victim s Immolators.
avs.20.104 [2010402] He with his might enhanced by Rishis thousand fold, hath like an ocean spread himself. [p. 349] His majesty is praised as true at solemn rites, his power where holy singers rule
avs.20.115 [2011503] Whatever Rishis have not praised thee, Indra, or have lauded thee, By me exalted wax thou strong.

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