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avs.5.17 [0501709] Not Vaisya, not Rajanya, no, the Brahman is indeed her lord: This Surya in his course proclaims to the Five Races of man kind.
avs.5.18 Seek not, Rajanya, to devour the Brahman s cow which none may eat.
avs.5.18 [0501802] A base Rajanya, spoiled at dice, and ruined by himself, may eat.
avs.5.18 Rajanya! bitter to the taste is she, and none may eat of her.
avs.15.8 [1500801] He was filled with passion: from him sprang the Rajanya.
avs.19.6 [1900606] The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rajanya made.
avs.19.32 [1903208] Do thou, O Darbha, make me dear to Brahman and Rajanya, dear to Sudra, and to Arya dear, Yea, dear to every man we love, to every man with eyes to see.

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