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avs.1.6 [0100604] The Waters bless us, all that rise in desert lands or marshy pools! Bless us the Waters dug from earth, bless us the Waters brought in jars, bless us the Waters of the Rains!
avs.4.19 [0401901] Thou breakest ties of kith and kin, thou causest, too, relation ship: So bruise the sorcerer s offspring, like a reed that groweth in the Rains.
avs.12.1 [1200146] Thy snake, thy sharply stinging scorpion, lying concealed, be wildered, chilled with cold of winter, The worm, O Prithivi, each thing that in the Rains revives and stirs, Creeping, forbear to creep on us! With all things gracious bless thou us.
avs.15.3 [1500304] Two of its feet were Summer and Spring, and two were Autumn and the Rains.
avs.19.2 Sweet be swift running Waters, sweet to thee be Water of the Rains. [p. 212]
avs.19.6 [1900611] That sacrifice, first born Purusha, they hallowed with the sprink led Rains.

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