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avs.7.5 [0700504] With their oblation, Purusha, the Gods performed a sacrifice.
avs.10.2 Purusha, Primeval Man or humanity personified
avs.10.2 [1000201] Who framed the heels of Purusha? Who fashioned the flesh of him? Who formed and fixed his ankles? Who made the openings and well moulded fingers? Who gave him foot soles and a central station?
avs.10.2 [1000202] Whence did they make the ankles that are under, and the knee bones of Purusha above them? What led them onward to the legs construction? Who planned and formed the knees articulations?
avs.10.2 [1000204] Who and how many were those Gods who fastened the chest of Purusha and neck together? How many fixed his breasts? Who formed his elbows? How many joined together ribs and shoulders?
avs.10.2 [1000208] Who was he, first, of all the Gods who fashioned his skull and brain and occiput and forehead, The pile that Purusha s two jaws supported? Who was that God who mounted up to heaven?
avs.10.2 [1000209] Whence bringeth mighty Purusha both pleasant and unpleasant things, Of varied sort, sleep, and alarm, fatigue, enjoyments and de lights?
avs.10.2 [1000210] Whence is there found in Purusha want, evil, suffering, dis tress? [p. 6] Whence come success, prosperity opulence, thought, and utte rance?
avs.10.2 [1000211] Who stored in him floods turned in all directions, moving diverse and formed to flow in rivers, Hasty, red, copper hued, and purple, running all ways in Purusha, upward and downward?
avs.10.2 [1000212] Who gave him visible form and shape? Who gave him magni tude and name? Who gave him motion, consciousness? Who furnished Purusha with feet?
avs.10.2 [1000213] Who wove the vital air in him, who filled him with the down ward breath? What God bestowed on Purusha the general pervading air?
avs.10.2 [1000214] What God, what only Deity placed sacrifice in Purusha? Who gave him truth and falsehood? Whence came Death and immortality?
avs.10.2 [1000218] Through whom did he bedeck the earth, through whom did he encompass heaven? Whose might made Purusha surpass the mountains and created things?
avs.10.2 [1000228] Stationed on high, Purusha hath pervaded all regions spread aloft and stretched transversely.
avs.10.2 He who knows Brahma s cattle, yea, the fort whence Purusha is named,
avs.10.2 [1000230] Sight leaves him not, breath quits not him before life s natural decay, Who knows the fort of Brahma, yea, the fort whence Purusha is named.
avs.10.3 Purusha, Primeval Man or humanity personified
avs.10.7 [1000717] They who in Purusha understand Brahma know Him who is.
avs.19.6 The purusha Sukta, on the mystical Sacrifice of Purusha
avs.19.6 [1900601] Purusha hath a thousand arms, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet.
avs.19.6 [1900603] So mighty is his grandeur, yea, greater than this is Purusha.
avs.19.6 [1900604] Purusha is in truth this All, what hath been and what yet shall; be Lord, too, of immortality and what hath grown with some what else.
avs.19.6 [1900605] When they divided Purusha how many portions did they make? What was his mouth? what were his arms? what are the names of thighs and feet?
avs.19.6 [1900609] In the beginning rose Viraj: Purusha from Viraj was born.
avs.19.6 [1900610] When Gods performed the sacrifice with Purusha as their offering.
avs.19.6 [1900611] That sacrifice, first born Purusha, they hallowed with the sprink led Rains.
avs.19.6 When, offering sacrifice, the Gods bound as their victim Purusha.
avs.19.6 Sprang into being, of the King Soma produced from Purusha.

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