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avs.4.22 [0402201] Exalt and strengthen this my Prince, O Indra, Make him sole lord and leader of the people.
avs.5.18 [0501801] The Gods, O Prince, have not bestowed this cow on thee to eat thereof.
avs.5.18 [0501815] Prince! like a poisoned arrow, like a deadly snake, O lord of kine! Dire is the Brahman s arrow: he pierces his enemies therewith.
avs.10.1 [1000103] Made by a Sudra or a Prince, by priests or women let her go.
avs.12.4 [1200432] By Svadha to the Fathers, by sacrifice to the Deities, By giving them the Cow, the Prince doth not incur the mother s.
avs.12.4 [1200433] The Prince s mother is the Cow: so was it ordered from of old.
avs.19.42 [1904204] With prayer I call on him who frees from trouble, Prince of Gods, Splendid, chief of sacrifices, I call the Waters Child and both the Asvins, Vigour is mine, and strength bestowed by Indra.
avs.20.24 [2002405] Indra, these Somas are expressed, Take them within thy belly, Lord Of Hundred Powers, thou Prince of wealth.

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