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avs.8.8 [0800807] Great is thy net, brave Indra, thine the mighty match for a thousand, Lord of Hundred Powers! Holding them, with his host, therewith hath Indra slaughtered Dasyus a hundred, thousand, myriad, hundred millions.
avs.19.7 A Prayer to the Lunar Mansions and other Powers for protection and prosperity
avs.19.9 [1900910] Kind be the Powers who seize the Moon, with Rahu be Adityas kind! Favour us Death and Cornet, and Rudras with penetrating.
avs.19.27 [1902710] With friendly thoughts the Deities, three and thirty, and three great Powers preserved it in the Waters.
avs.20.19 [2001902] O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, may those who praise thee hitherward.
avs.20.19 [2001903] O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, with all our songs we invocate.
avs.20.19 We seek thee, Lord of Hundred Powers, O Indra, that the foe may fall.
avs.20.20 [2002001] Drink thou the Soma for our help, bright, vigilant, exceeding strong, O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers.
avs.20.24 [2002405] Indra, these Somas are expressed, Take them within thy belly, Lord Of Hundred Powers, thou Prince of wealth.
avs.20.45 [2004503] Lord of a Hundred Powers, stand up to lend us succour in this fight: In others too let us agree.
avs.20.57 [2005704] Drink for our help the Soma bright, vigilant, and exceeding strong, O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers.
avs.20.66 [2006603] Thou knowest, Indra, thunder armed, how to avoid destructive Powers, As one secure from pitfalls each succeeding day.
avs.20.69 O Lord of Hundred Powers, our chants of praise and lauds have strengthened thee: So strengthen thee the songs we sing!

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