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avs.1.23 [0102301] O Plant, thou sprangest up at night, dusky, dark coloured, black in hue! [p. a22] So, Rajani, re colour thou these ashy spots, this leprosy.
avs.1.23 [0102303] Dark is the place of thy repose, dark is the place thou dwellest in: Dusky and dark, O Plant, art thou: remove from him each speck and spot.
avs.1.24 [0102403] One coloured, is thy mother s name, One coloured is thy father called: One colour maker, Plant! art thou: give thou one colour to this man. [p. a23]
avs.1.34 From honey sprang this Plant to life; with honey now we dig thee up.
avs.2.7 [0200701] Hated by sinners, sprung from Gods, this Plant that turns the curse away Hath washed from me all curses, as water makes clean from spot and stain.
avs.2.8 So let the plague destroying Plant remove inherited disease.
avs.2.8 [0200803] With straw of barley tawny brown in colour with its silvery ears, with stalk and stem of Sesamum So let the plague destroying Plant remove inherited disease.
avs.2.8 So let the plague destroying Plant remove inherited disease.
avs.2.8 So let the plague destroying Plant remove inherited disease.
avs.2.27 Render them dull and flat, O Plant.
avs.2.27 Render them dull and flat, O Plant.
avs.2.27 Render them dull and flat, O Plant.
avs.2.27 Refute mine adversary s speech! Render them dull and flat, O Plant. [p. a54]
avs.2.27 Refute mine adversary s speech! Render them dull and flat, O Plant.
avs.2.27 Render them dull and flat, O Plant.
avs.2.30 [0203004] Let what is inward turn outside, let what is outward be within: Seize and possess, O Plant, the mind of maidens rich in every charm.
avs.2.36 O Plant, be this thy gift to her!
avs.3.18 [0301801] From out the earth I dig this Plant, and herb of most effectual power, Wherewith one quells the rival wife and gains the husband for one s self.
avs.3.18 [0301802] Auspicious, with expanded leaves, sent by the Gods, victorious Plant, Drive thou, the rival wife away, and make my husband only mine.
avs.3.18 [0301806] I have girt thee with the conquering Plant, beneath thee laid the mightiest one.
avs.4.4 [0400401] We dig thee from the earth, the Plant which strengthens and exalts the nerves, The Plant which the Gandharva dug for Varuna whose power was lost.
avs.4.6 [0400608] Thy diggers are emasculate, emasculate, O, Plant art thou.
avs.4.7 Thou art a thing of sale, O Plant.
avs.4.12 O Plant.
avs.4.17 O Plant, I have endowed thee with a hundred powers for every man,
avs.4.18 [0401805] I with this Plant have ruined all malignant powers of witchery.
avs.4.19 Thou fliest like a flashing dart: there is no fear or danger, Plant! within the limit of thy range.
avs.4.19 [0401904] As once when time began the Gods with thee expelled the Asuras, Even thence, O Plant, wast thou produced as one who wipes and sweeps away.
avs.4.20 [0402002] Through thee, O godlike Plant, may I behold all creatures that exist, Three several heavens, three several earths, and these six regions one by one.
avs.4.20 [0402004] The God who hath a thousand eyes give me this Plant in my right hand! I look on every one therewith, each Sudra and each Aryan man.
avs.4.20 Make me see all Pisachas With this prayer, O Plant, I hold thee fast.
avs.4.37 [0403701] With thee, O Plant, in olden time Atharvans smote and slew the fiends.
avs.4.37 [0403710] O Plant, be thou victorious, crush the Pisachas, one and all, Blyxa fed, shining in the floods, illumining the selfish ones.
avs.5.4 There the Gods sought the Kushtha Plant, embodiment of end less life.
avs.5.4 There the Gods won the Kushtha Plant, the blossom of eternal life. [p. a159]
avs.5.14 Harm thou, O Plant, the mischievous, and drive the sorcerer away.
avs.5.14 [0501402] Beat thou the Yatudhanas back, drive thou away the sorcerer; And chase afar, O Plant, the man who fain would do us injury.
avs.5.15 [0501501] Plant! I have those who shall avert the threatened danger, ten and one. [p. a173] O sacred Plant, produced aright! make sweetness, sweet thy self, for me.
avs.5.15 [0501502] Twenty and two, O Plant, have I who shall avert the threatened ill.
avs.5.15 O sacred Plant, produced aright! make sweetness, sweet thyself, for me.
avs.6.15 [0601502] Whoever seeks to injure us, with kinsmen or no kin to aid, May I be uppermost of all, even as this Plant is queen of trees.
avs.6.43 [0604302] This Plant that hath abundant roots spreads to the place where waters meet.
avs.6.52 [0605203] I have brought Kanva s famous Plant, life giving, and itself inspired, The medicine that healeth all: may it suppress my hidden foes.
avs.6.59 [0605902] Let the Plant give us sheltering aid, Arundhati allied with Gods; Avert Consumption from our men and make our cow pen rich in milk.
avs.6.59 [0605903] I welcome the auspicious Plant, life giving, wearing every hue.
avs.6.127 O Plant, Of penetrating pain, thou Herb, let not a particle remain.
avs.6.136 [0613601] Born from the bosom of wide Earth the Goddess, godlike Plant, art thou: So we, Nitatni! dig thee up to strengthen and fix fast the hair.
avs.6.136 [0613603] Thy hair where it is falling off, and with the roots is torn away, I wet and sprinkle with the Plant, the remedy for all disease.
avs.6.137 [0613701] The Plant which Jamadagni dug to make his daughter s locks.
avs.6.137 [0613703] Strengthen the roots, prolong the points, lengthen the middle part, O Plant.
avs.6.138 [0613801] O Plant, thy fame is spread abroad as best of all the herbs that grow.
avs.7.113 [0711301] Rough Plant, thou rough rude parasite, cut thou that man, O Rough and Rude, That thou mayst hinder from his act that man in all his manly strength.
avs.7.113 [0711302] Thou, rugged Plant, art rude and rough, Visha, Vishataki art thou.
avs.8.6 [0800609] Whoever causeth her to lose her child or bear untimely fruit, Destroy him, O thou Plant, destroy the slippery fiend who lusts for her.
avs.8.6 [0800610] Those who at evening, with the bray of asses, dance around the house, Kukshilas, and Kusulas, and Kakubhas, Srimas, Karumas, These with thine odour, O thou Plant, drive far away to every side.
avs.8.6 O Healing Plant, cast each away who, not her husband, would approach this woman wedded to her lord.
avs.8.6 [0800618] If one should touch thy coming babe or kill thine infant newly born, The yellow Plant with mighty bow shall pierce him even to the heart.
avs.8.7 [0800706] The living Plant that giveth life, that driveth malady away, Arundhati, the rescuer, strengthening, rich a sweets I call, to free this man from scath and harm.
avs.8.7 [0800723] Well doth the wild boar know a Plant, the mungoose knows the Healing Herb.
avs.10.3 [1000305] Guard against ill of varied kind is Varana this heavenly Plant.
avs.10.3 [1000308] Each sinful act that we have done, my mother, father, and my friends, [p. 10] From all the guilt this heavenly Plant will be our guard and sure defence.
avs.10.3 [1000311] This Varana is on my breast, the sovran, the celestial Plant.
avs.18.3 sweetly on thee the rain descend! O full of coolness, thou cool Plant, full of fresh moisture, fresh ening Herb, Bless us in waters, female Frog: calm and allay this Agni here.
avs.19.32 [1903203] O Plant, thy root is in the sky, and thou art stationed on the earth: With thee who hast a thousand stalks we strengthen all the powers of life.
avs.19.34 Driving away all maladies, strike thou the demons down, O Plant.

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