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avs.4.20 Make the Pisacha manifest as Surya when he rides at noon.
avs.4.20 [0402009] Make that Pisacha visible, the fiend who flies in middle air, The fiend who glides across the sky, and him who deems the earth his help.
avs.5.29 Rend thou, most youthful Agni, that Pisacha whoso amid them all of this hath eaten.
avs.5.29 [0502906] If some Pisacha in my food raw, ready, thoroughly cooked, or, spotty, hath deceived me, Let the Pisachas with their lives and offspring atone for this, and let this man be healthy.
avs.5.29 [0502910] O Agni Jatavedas, slay the bloody Pisacha, flesh devourer, mind destroyer, Strong Indra strike him with his bolt of thunder, courageous Soma cut his head to pieces!
avs.12.3 Pisacha drink here.

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